5G Smart home is coming

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5G Smart home
5G Smart home is coming

“I’m home.” As the owner of the apartment opens the door, the lights in the house are turned on automatically. The curtain and air conditioner are opened according to the mode set by the owner. The soothing music sounds. The news of the day is broadcast automatically. The microwave oven in the kitchen has already warmed up the food put in early in the morning… these all display the 5G smart home features.

In this room, you just need to give instructions. All kinds of a smart home can be opened, or closed according to your idea.

This is not the scene in the movie, but the real experience in the smart apartment in Guangzhou China.

This 5G smart home is a smart family “model room” built by China Mobile Chongqing company. The “model room” has realized the full coverage of indoor 5g network and Gigabit family broadband. There are about 20 kinds of smart home products used in the porch, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other family life scenes.

5G Smart Home Control

The product control is integrated into the home intelligent gateway control center. You can realize the intelligent control of the whole house’s intelligent products. Only through the mobile phone app or voice command.

In this “model room”, you can experience more than just fast. Faster access to the Internet brings a higher quality of life experience. You can also take the initiative to set application modes of various intelligent scenarios. Through 4K, 8K, Ultra HD video, and VR cloud games, different members of the family. Enjoy better entertainment and leisure activities.

At the same time, the “model room” covers the terminal, network, and application. It integrated security scheme, which can make family life safer and create a “safe home”.

It is worth mentioning that the “model room” is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6 router. It achieves Gigabit Wi-Fi coverage in addition to Gigabit 5g and Gigabit broadband. Wi-Fi 6 has stronger penetration and better security, which breaks through the problems such as the significant increase of delay, in the case of high concurrency of Wi-Fi device users in the past. The network speed is equivalent to 5g, and the delay is controlled within 50ms. Which can meet the network capacity requirements of a large number of applications in the 5g era.

At present, Guangzhou company is actively building a comprehensive network service capability with “Gigabit 5g, Gigabit broadband, and Gigabit Wi-Fi” as one. Building 10000 5g base stations, 2000 5g double Gigabit demonstration communities, and 100000 Gigabit broadband users.

5G- 6G Smart home projection

Affected by the epidemic, people’s way of thinking, lifestyle, and work style have undergone profound changes. The demands and scenarios of online consumption, smart home, cloud life, distance education. Remote offices have entered a period of rapid development. The demand for ultra-high-speed mobile and broadband networks, artificial intelligence, and big data has also increased strongly.

With the rapid implementation of “new infrastructure” such as 5g and the Internet of things. More ubiquitous, high-speed, and multiform intelligent products have entered ordinary people’s homes. Based on the high-speed, low delay, and multi-connection characteristics of 5g network and Gigabit home broadband, bringing new digital life experiences for people.


In the past “5.17 International Telecommunication Day”, China Mobile Guangzhou company released the white paper on digital home ecology through the “5g double Gigabit cloud conference”, marking that Chongqing Mobile is accelerating the construction of digital home ecology and actively helping to build Chongqing into a 5g “double Gigabit” city.