Global Smart Mirror Reality

Global Smart Mirror Reality

Global Smart Mirror Reality
Global Smart Mirror Reality, that Demand has increased 200% in 2020, more and more families has adopted this product for the home decor.

According to a foreign research report on the application market of smart mirrors in homes, hotels, and retail stores, it is estimated that the global smart mirror market size will increase from $2.82 billion in 2018 to $4.42 billion in 2023, with an annual compound growth rate of 9.41% during this period.

It is reported smart mirror development projection that the rapid growth of the smart mirror market can be attributed to the growing demand for smart mirrors in the home decor industry and the transformation of the retail industry from traditional stores to digital stores. At present, there are a large number of start-ups in the smart mirror market, as well as many new functions and innovative functions of the smart mirror.

Smart Home Mirror dominate major markets

It is expected that smart home mirror will occupy a major share of the Smart Mirror Market in 2018. Smart mirror is widely used in residential and commercial projects. Intelligent rearview mirrors used in home automation applications include automatic dimming mirror and connecting mirror, with temperature display, Bluetooth and hands-free connection, touch screen, turn signal and microphone functions. As a result of these functions, the widespread use of automatic dimming mirror is the main factor affecting the largest share of smart home automation in the smart mirror market.

Global Smart Mirror Reality – Smart mirror Software applications will grow rapidly

Smart mirror Software applications are an important part of any smart mirror used in hotels and retail, healthcare and smart homes to display any information on the mirror screen. The information displayed varies according to the purpose of the mirror. It is expected that the highest growth in the application software market is mainly due to the massive adoption of AR based mirrors in the hotel and retail industries, and the advancement of functions such as 3D modeling, which may drive the rapid growth of the software market.

Global Smart Mirror Reality-Smart Mirror Global Demand Directions.

According to the Smart Mirror development Projection, smart mirror products can be divided into three categories: make-up mirror, bathroom mirror and fitting mirror. Smart bathroom mirror can be associated with smart home appliances and smart home integration center. Smart mirror can be installed with built-in make-up video software to provide people with knowledge of make-up and skin care. Fitting mirror allows people to avoid the tedious task of undressing and dressing.

Intelligent/smart bathroom mirror:

Smart bathroom mirrors with skin meter, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, weight scale, sleep and other intelligent functions to monitor human health index.

Smart makeup mirror:

AR’s zero cost makeup trial, we can effectively according to different user types (age, skin color, occupation, face shape, facial features, commonly used cosmetics combination, etc.).

Smart fitting mirror:

body feeling technology makes fitting easier. Standing in front of the mirror, you can change clothes in one second. At the same time, many kinds of clothes are built in for you to choose from. This is a major feature of the future clothing store.

Smart bathroom Mirror introduction

Smart Mirror refers to an intelligent terminal device that can run applications, has an independent app store, supports voice recognition, gesture recognition, multi touch and other interactive modes, and can provide rich functions for multiple users. When the smart mirror is awakened, it becomes an intelligent Mutual Aid Center, which can be a small assistant for users to live and work. The monitor of household smart mirror can display daily weather, hot news, road information, schedule, dressing index, health management, etc.

At present, there are many conceptual products in the smart mirror market, and some attempts have been made in the fields of home life, hotel, medical treatment, clothing, beauty and so on. However, the smart home system has not been widely popularized, and the market of Smart Mirror in many fields has not been fully opened. At the present stage, the development of smart mirror faces two major problems: one is the high price, resulting in the lack of popularization of consumer grade market; the other is that the practicability of Smart Mirror needs to be tested by the market, said by Smart Mirror development Projection.

The Key smart mirror development projection issue.

The price is on the high side. Smart mirrors aggregate many functions and add many high-tech devices. At the same time, some smart mirrors adopt more advanced plane display screen, which leads to the product price that users can’t walk away from. As a necessity for every family, the price of traditional mirror is very close to the people. However, the smart mirror, which belongs to the same kind of mirror, has not changed its main functions, but only added some intelligent functions, but its price has turned over. This makes many users unable to accept it, especially at the moment when the smart mirror has not been accepted by users. Therefore, due to the factors such as price, the smart mirror is not qualified in a short period of time And to the consumer market. For example, Panasonic, a Japanese electronics giant, once launched a digital mirror targeting household users. However, because the price of this product is as high as 38000 US dollars, it can not be sold in the consumer market. Therefore, the company changed its route and aimed at enterprise users.

The practicability needs to be verified. From the perspective of the existing use function of smart mirror, many of its online functions can be replaced by a tablet computer. More importantly, the tablet computer also has the advantages of mobility, convenience and flexibility. Therefore, whether it is necessary to add a smart mirror or whether to buy a smart mirror or buy a tablet computer can achieve this goal To the problem of higher overall utility. Smart Mirror enterprises are constantly developing many functions to enrich and broaden the application of mirrors in various scenes. However, whether the functional applications in some scenes are practical and feasible is a problem that needs to be verified and weighed by enterprises.

Take the smart bathroom mirror for example. When users use the bathroom, most of them just do their own cleaning work, such as brushing their teeth for 3 minutes, washing their face for 5 minutes, and so on. The time spent in the bathroom in a day is very small compared with the whole time at home. Therefore, if you want to make full use of the smart bathroom mirror, it means that you need to stay in the bathroom longer every day, and even look at the mirror as a TV or tablet computer. Or put the mirror cabinet in the living room or foyer, every day when you go out, you can stand there to watch the news, listen to the weather forecast, etc. At the same time, many users rarely stand in front of a mirror to receive and receive e-mail, watch news, watch videos or even play games in their daily life. In fact, many users are more comfortable sitting on the sofa to do these operations in front of their tablet computers, mobile phones and TV. For the intelligent bathroom mirror linkage with other intelligent bathroom products, its operability is not high, because a smart speaker can completely replace.

Summary of Smart Mirror development Projection

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Smart magic mirror is the representative of the combination of Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence, automation, artificial intelligence of the Internet of things products have become an irresistible trend. In the future, it will be more comprehensive, intelligent and convenient into more and more people’s lives.