How to make the smart interactive mirror

How to make the smart interactive mirror
an interactive mirror will response to your commands

How to make the smart interactive mirror? The mirror is a kind of smooth surface. At first, the ancients used polished bronze as a mirror and had the ability to reflect light. There are two types of mirrors: plane mirror and curved mirror. A plane mirror is often used to organize appearance.

A curved mirror can be divided into a concave mirror and a convex mirror. It is mainly used as a dressing mirror, furniture accessories, architectural decoration parts. Optical instrument parts, solar cooker, reflector of lamp and searchlight, reflecting telescope, automobile rearview mirror, etc.

With the progress of technology, the cost of mirrors is reduced, and the appearance of various curved mirrors. Makes the use of mirrors more and more widely and has more uses besides the appearance of the mirror. For example, the spherical rear-view paraboloid mirror used in automobiles. The paraboloid mirror used for gathering in the telescope and reflecting parallel light in searchlight, etc.

At present, the smart mirror used in our country after a long time of use. The surface is easy to be contaminated. Causing the mirror is not clear, seriously reducing the use effect of the mirror.

How to make the smart interactive mirror? Now we are trying to make an interactive and WiFi-connected smart mirror to resolve the above problems.

Interactive Smart Mirror summary:

The invention discloses an interactive intelligent mirror, which includes a wooden mirror frame. A bottom storage cabinet, an information storage card, an electrical control box. A cleanliness sensor, a small pressure pump, and a cleaning solution placing box.

The cleanliness sensor is installed above the high-energy lithium battery. The small pressure pump is installed above the cleanliness sensor. While the small pressure pump is installed above the small pressure pump.

The cleaning solution placing box is provided with a mirror body under the cleaning solution placing box. A thermal sensor is installed under the mirror body, a camera is installed under the thermal sensor. The LED lamp is installed above the wooden mirror frame. A cleaning liquid nozzle is installed on one side of the LED lamp.

The beneficial effect is: it can recognize the user of the ground hole, has a high degree of intelligence. It can automatically clean the surface of the mirror, so it is convenient to use.

How to make the smart Interactive mirror with WiFi connection functions

A smart mirror is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, which combines the Android operating system and smart home together.

An intelligent magic mirror creates a healthy and intelligent personalized bathroom space. It has a waterproof and intimate design in use. The mirror IP68 waterproof grade and the electronic mirror panel with optical treatment have various installation methods. No matter wall mounted installation or embedded installation can be used.

Just say what you want, the smart mirror will make corresponding instructions to manage the smart device in your home. Let it broadcast the weather, road information, schedule, and so on for you.

How to make the smart interactive mirror parts

The utility model comprises a wooden mirror frame (1), a bottom storage cabinet (2).

An information storage card (3). An electrical control box (4). A cleanliness sensor (6). A small pressure pump (7), and a cleaning liquid placing box (8). The bottom storage cabinet (2) is arranged above the wooden mirror frame (1). And the information storage card (3) is arranged above the bottom storage cabinet (2). And the information storage card (3) is arranged above the bottom storage cabinet (2). The electric control unit is arranged above the card (3)

to make the smart interactive mirror

The magic mirror is a popular project. The software part is just like a magic mirror project on GitHub. There are many plug-ins and modules that can be DIY. The magic mirror is not easy to make, mostly in the hardware, but in the hardware, I think the shell is not easy to handle.

Most people do DIY magic mirror is relatively thick, no matter at home and abroad. So try to reduce its thickness when making. Don’t be greedy about the size of the mirror, because it means power consumption and heating.

The thickness may not be guaranteed. If you can’t make it well, it will take up space. So choose a 13-inch size which is more exquisite. The 13 inches second-hand LCD screen is also cheap, which is about 100 pieces.

It is suggested that we should not choose an iron frame because the iron frame is easy to deform after laser cutting and welding, which is not suitable for combination with an atomic mirror. In addition, the cost is also very high, which is about 500 pieces.

Most of the finished products are rough and hard to grind, and the WiFi signal strength will be affected by the iron shell. So if you can, you’d better choose wood shell or acrylic shell. Acrylic shell has the advantage of low processing cost, and the appearance will be very beautiful and bright after production. As for the 3D printing shell, the advantage is strong customization, but the printing layer pattern after printing will be a nightmare for burners.

I choose American spade wood chips to make because it should be thin and delicate, then the mirror frame can’t use big and thick wood square, so Taobao cleaned out 2 mM-3 mm thick American spade wood chips to cut and bond.

This thickness can ensure strength, the second is good cutting, and the third is that the color of the wood will become more and more beautiful as time goes on.

Don’t think that the frame made in the following figure is not resistant to tossing, and the strength of the mirror after bonding will be very good.

How to make the smart interactive mirror steps

Ergo5800 is recommended for bonding, and the effect is good. After bonding, it needs 600 to 1000 sandpaper for grinding. The smoother the grinding, the more beautiful it will be after the wood wax oil is applied. As for the reason why the edge wrapping is selected, the error of processing the atomic mirror in China is relatively large, so the adjustment allowance can be set aside, which is also a difficult place for a metal magic mirror.

The atomic mirror and wood frame are bonded with double-sided adhesive tape to prevent the atomic mirror from being replaced after damage.

The screen needs to use aluminum tape to seal the light leakage part. As for the reason why aluminum tape is used, it has good light shielding and thermal conductivity. Pay attention to the screen wiring, aluminum tape will make it a short circuit.

The LCD screen is also bonded to the atomic mirror with double-sided adhesive. Before bonding, the dust on the surface of the atomic mirror and the screen must be cleaned, otherwise, the dust will always stay in their gaps, which is not beautiful.

In terms of circuit processing, zero is not recommended, because the thickness of Pi2 or PI3 is almost the same as zero after removing the pin and USB port network port, while zero has a very low performance, which is inconvenient for the expansion of various fork modules in the magic mirror in the later stage.

Therefore, it is very difficult to remove the DB9 interface from the video driver board, Analog video port and pin, because these components are very large, will affect the thickness of the magic mirror, electrolytic capacitor needs to be inverted because it is a filter capacitor, we need to add thermoplastic tube on the pin to prevent its short circuit.

The overall effect after treatment is as shown in the figure above. I use Hakko’s Tin gun for treatment. If it is hard to dismantle, it is easy for a novice to dismantle.

For the installation of the video drive board, a layer of the heat-resistant sticker should be pasted on the surface of aluminum foil, and then a layer of insulating tape should be pasted on it to prevent short circuits. Hot melt adhesive can be used for fixing.

It is unnecessary to use reinforcement for fixing, because reinforcement will only increase the complexity of production, and the total power line must be slightly thicker. By the way, the second-hand Kenny peck wire strippers are really good, they’re not tiring to use.

How to make the smart interactive mirror

Between the video driver board and raspberry pie, the FPV special HDMI flexible cable is used. Compared with the ordinary HDMI cable, the two end connectors can be replaced with different specifications of the HDMI head.

The cable is thin and the volume is very small. However, it should be noted that the cable and connector must be purchased from one company, otherwise, it may not be used due to the inconsistent wire sequence. In addition, the connector and the cable must be pressed tightly, otherwise, there will be video signal interference.

Here, the mirror backplate is made of pure black acrylic plate laser cutting. As for the backplate, it is not necessary to design a pattern, because you will not always want to see the pattern on the back of the mirror with this volume. Once the mirror is fixed for a long time, it will not move. Even if the wooden mirror is made, the overall weight is very heavy.

The following is the effect of wood wax oil after making. To hit wood wax oil, you must use cloth, cloth, and cloth. It is said that three times is because the effect of applying wood wax oil is the best. Liquid wood wax oil must be used. Do not apply too much at one time!

Today, many people are doing a magic mirror, but how to make your own side and put it into practice is the so-called value and spirit of DIY.

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