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The Smart Cloud-Top Smart Mirror projects

The country garden cloud top is located in Phoenix City, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. It was built by Guangzhou Country Garden Property Development Co., Ltd.,. With a total construction area of 396000, a total floor area of 96000, and a total of 597 houses. Let’s have a look at their Smart Mirror Projects and Smart community.


Cloud Top Smart Mirror Project Details

The cloud top of Phoenix City of the country garden is the first work of “cloud” created by Country Garden.

With the four strict standards of “Yunhe”, “Yunzhu”, “Yunhui” and “Yunfu”, we have created a new product line cloud system. We have the future pulse of Guangzhou’s urban development, backed by Phoenix City, close to Tod.

Enjoying the headquarters economy, retreating to the peach land in the middle of the mountain, and “getting the land of the city, returning the city’s treasures”!

All point layout of the project, innovation of modern aesthetic garden. SSGF construction method, private elevator entering the house and cloud system luxury decoration create the masterpiece of “Cloud Architecture” of bay division era aesthetics;

Initiate the “four-dimensional and eight-dimensional” cloud technology system to intelligently lead the city’s “cloud wisdom” life;

Upgrade and create “yunjue” luxury house property card to provide a full range of housekeepers customized services [2]

The project covers an area of about 400,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1.1 million square meters.

In the first phase of the development of the plot, the total construction area of about 396000 square meters, full point layout. A total of 16 high-rise residential planning, building Tianhe East super large ecological technology mansion.

The Smart home and smart Mirror projects is surrounded by mountains on all sides, enjoying the original ecological mountain scenery of chenjialin. Enjoying the supporting facilities of Phoenix City which has been mature for 17 years.

It is close to TOD international new city, the transportation hub in the east of Guangzhou. Enjoys the life circle of the bay area.

The Smart home Structures

Smart configuration of main living area

1. Smart scheme of the gateway

Functional design description

1. Fingerprint code unlock: the whole family no longer need to bring the key

2. Family home reminder: pay more care for family members

3. Home identity recognition: voice reminder to increase the sense of ceremony of going home

4. Automatic induction lighting of the porch mirror: open the door automatically and turn on the light of the porch, which is convenient for changing shoes and hanging clothes

5. Lighting design – light and shade adjustment: when you go home at night, the light will turn on slowly and pay attention to more details

Security supplement:

· door not closed reminder: if the door is not closed tightly, the sound alarm will be given? anti prying alarm: when the door lock is prayed abnormally, the door lock will give a voice prompt

· prevent the small black box from opening: the Tesla coil circulated on the Internet is invalid for this door lock? infrared / door magnetic trigger automatic capture: and upload to the user’s mobile phone or property center

2. Intelligent scheme of the living room and basement living room

Functional design description

1. Living room Custom Scene: reception mode / party mode / leisure mode / TV scene / leave mode

2. Lighting color temperature adjustment: 2700k-6000k, warm yellow to white cold color, creating your own atmosphere

3. Lighting brightness adjustment: from light to dark, adjust at will

4. Lighting color adjustment: 16 million colors, free choice, free collocation

5. Automatic window closing in case of rain and wind. The window will be closed automatically in case of wind and rain to avoid rainwater immersion

6. Enjoy the natural light: automatically open the curtain every day, introduce natural light, indoor sterilization, automatic sunshade in strong light

7. Air convection: open windows regularly every day to strengthen air convection and improve air replacement efficiency

8. Real-time monitoring of formaldehyde/dust particles/carbon dioxide/temperature and humidity/noise: timely handling of abnormal quality

9. Monitoring and control of dust particles: when the indoor concentration exceeds 80, the fresh air purification will be started automatically, and the windows will be ventilated

10. When the formaldehyde concentration exceeds 0.1%, the fresh air will be opened automatically or the window will be opened for ventilation

11. When the temperature is too high, turn on the air conditioner, and when the humidity is low, turn on the humidifier: someone turns it on and nobody ignores it

12. Automatic control of electrical appliances: automatic control of water dispenser / TV/split air conditioner/humidifier

13. Constant temperature, humidity, and oxygen: intelligent adjustment of indoor temperature, humidity, and oxygen supply

14. AI voice interaction: control home devices through voice and chat

3. Kitchen Smart scheme

Light regulation and automatic control of the air conditioner and exhaust fan

One smoke detector is installed. In case of fire, the remote app / WeChat will receive the alarm information in time, and the local linkage audible and visual alarm will push the information to the property.

Install combustible gas leakage detector, manipulator controller, smart socket, etc. in case of gas leakage, remote app / WeChat alarm in time, and at the same time automatically close the gas valve and open the window for ventilation.

4. Smart Bathroom scheme

The infrared detector of the human body is installed. When people come over, the light will be on automatically, and the exhaust fan will change air automatically. After the person leaves, the light and exhaust fan will be turned off automatically, without manual operation.

In the cold winter, the host can set the time through the touch screen, and turn on the air conditioner or floor heating of the toilet regularly: for example, when the master is still sleeping in the morning, he will automatically give the toilet family members, which is convenient for the master to use after getting up.

At night, when the host gets up at night, the main light in the bathroom is automatically adjusted to 30% brightness to avoid dazzling.

Installation of a water leakage sensor, real-time monitoring toilet, water leakage automatically closes the valve.

Smart Mirror: imagine that when you wash in the bathroom in the morning, you can completely lose your mobile phone and tablet. You can play music, check the weather, browse news, and view beauty teaching videos only through voice interaction. These seeming sci-fi scenes can be realized by the intelligent magic mirror of riot super wisdom.

5. Intelligent plan of study

Wall intelligent switch panel, convenient to turn on the lighting of the study, can set scene linkage, turn on the equipment in the designated area.

The bathroom of the study is equipped with intelligent induction lighting and environmental regulation.

6. Smart scheme for stairs and public areas

Functional design description

1. Automatic induction lighting: automatic lighting up and downstairs, induction lighting in the corridor

2. Mobile phone switch window: relatively high, not easy to operate

3. Mobile phone switch curtain

4. Automatic window closing in case of rain and wind: the window will be closed automatically in case of wind and rain to avoid rainwater immersion

5. Natural lighting/shading: stair curtains open and close automatically to introduce natural light

7. Master bedroom, the Smart scheme of the bedroom smart mirror projects

Functional design Description:

Lighting regulation, electric curtain, environmental monitoring, air conditioning system.

The touch scene panel is installed at the entrance of the bedroom and the head of the bed, which is convenient and fast.

The light sets multiple scenes such as “bright”, “getting up at night”, “getting up”, “watching TV” and so on.

Scene of getting up at night: when the footlights are turned on, the lights in the bathroom are also turned on at the same time; when you press the “get up” scene, the curtain will be opened slowly, the background music will sound, the water heater will be turned on automatically, and the latest news you are concerned about will be broadcast on TV.

Each bedroom is equipped with an emergency button to alarm for emergency or duress.

Intelligent sleep system: collect sleep information from multiple dimensions, monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, turn over / leave bed data in real-time, and send out an alarm when abnormal data is detected. Intelligence forms sleep analysis reports to help improve sleep quality.

After monitoring that the host falls asleep, the TV is automatically turned off, the lighting is adjusted to sleeping mode, and the air conditioning enters into a smart operation state, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Scene linkage: linkage with smart home to automatically turn off lights and curtains, adjust indoor temperature and create a comfortable sleeping environment

Provide sleep advice: help users improve their sleep quality

8. Video room smart mirror projects

Home theater: intelligent entertainment products make family gatherings and leisure time more romantic. When at home, 1s shuttle to the cinema and enjoy a happy time with family on weekends. It is an intelligent product with high happiness value.

Control object: light switch and dimming, electric curtain, air conditioner, TV, etc.

9. Design of storage room, wine cellar, and garage

The lighting in the storage room and wine cellar is controlled by means of infrared sensors. Usually, the lights in the room are turned off. If only someone enters the storeroom, all the lights in the storeroom will be turned on automatically. When people leave, they will automatically return to their original state.

For safety reasons, the entire villa control system and equipment are placed in the storage room

The infrared intrusion detector takes into account the security alarm function. When someone intrudes at night, the alarm system will be started immediately.

The garage is equipped with a smart monitoring camera, and some people illegally break in and leave image data, which is convenient for the relevant departments to solve the case.

A smart home makes every living space become a real super-smart home. It will add more happy moments to our life.

In the era of whole house smart mirror projects, a smart home knows you better and you can live more comfortably.

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