Smart Mirrors

Vercon Smart Mirrors | bathroom smart Mirror

Vercon Led smart Mirror is the latest mirror integrated with new technologies such as touch screen displays, sensors, cameras, and WiFi connections. The functions of smart mirrors completely different from traditional led vanity mirrors or led backlit mirrors.

Support WiFi or Bluetooth connection

Large size IPS touch screen

Built-in LED and Auto defog functions

Powered by Android system

IP65 grade water proof protection

Various smart Apps: Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, ESPN, CNN...

X1 Smart Hallway mirror

Vercon Smart Mirrors |Hallway Smart Mirror

Is that a hallway smart mirror? Yes, Vercon smart hallway mirror will overturn all your pictures.

Smart Hallway and Entryway mirror, with built-in touch screen and camera, WiFi connection, there is no doubt to have a video call, checking home security, weather forecast, you can even listen to music, watch short video news before you leaving. Smart Hallway | Entryway mirror always knows more and gives more to you.

Framless smart entry hallway mirror

Connected by Wifi

Based on Android system

Support weather forecast,online music, traffic reports...

Support max 16 camera house security system

DIY interface operation system

Vercon smart workout mirror

Vercon smart Mirror | Smart Workout Mirror

The smart workout mirror is the hottest product in 2020- home gym mirror, workout mirrors. When you lock-down at home, you are not able to go to the gym center, now you have another option, gym mirrors.

With the built-in camera and motion sensor, the mirror detects your movements and correct your training or offer you the suitable lesson, you can even invite your family member join with you, and enjoy the pleasure family sports time.

looks like any other mirror you might have at home

has an LCD screen from which to screen live and on-demand fitness classes

connects to the machine using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor

clear instruction, solid sound system, making it easy to follow.

Everything is controlled through the app

Reflective Mirror, you are able to see exactly what you are doing.