Bathroom smart mirrors

Vercon Bathroom Led Vanity Smart mirrors are the latest example of modern science technology to be adopted into life. Through Wifi, Bluetooth connection, and data exchange, Vercon led smart mirror is not just a reflection mirror. Switch into an information exchange center, you can have the latest weather, temperature, traffic reports... Before walking out of home, you have everything prepared.

What can Vercon led smart mirrors do?  Smart mirror displaying personalized information, Google calendar, news, weather, traffic, trains and subway, sports, friends' social media...

Vercon led smart mirrors allowing you to manage the mirror from another device. The android operating system that allows you to run your favorite applications.

Vanity Smart mirror

Entry-level Vercon touch screen smart mirror with 50x70x2cm dimension, 18.5-inch touch screen, Android operation system, various smart applications, Easy to install, and WiFi and Bluetooth connected.

Led Smart Mirrors

Vercon S10 - 60x80x2cm, Wall-mounted easy to install touch screen smart mirror. 3 color adjustable LED lighting on the mirror. WiFi connected Auto-defog mirror surface, 21.5" touch screen IPS monitor.

Smart TV Mirror

Vercon S20 Super Slim Bathroom Mirror  Horizontal|LED Lighted|Polished Edge Frameless|Defogger and Dimmer with Memory|Touch Switch| Various smart applications

Smart Magic Mirror

Vercon S30 70x90x2cm Super Slim LED Lighted Bathroom Smart Mirror with CRI>90 Multiple Color|Vertical |Defogger|Dimmable Touch Switch with Memory|Wall Switch Ready

Smart Bathroom Mirror

Vercon S40 smart LED Bathroom Mirror, Anti Fog, 3 different Led Light, Dimmable, Touch Button, Superslim,90+ CRI, Waterproof IP44, Horizontal Mounted Way Only

Overszie Smart mirror

 Vercon S50 Led Smart Dimmable Bathroom Mirror LED Lighted Wall Mounted Mirror for Bathroom Vanity Mirror and Anti-Fog Function|Hangs Horizontally (32"×24")

Vercon Led Smart bathroom mirrors - The next mainstream smart mirror for the world.

Vercon Led Smart Mirrors when we introduce this product, many customers are constantly asking what is the smart led bathroom mirror? What is the difference between a traditional LED mirror? Why I need a smart bathroom mirror, and so on.

Let's compare the difference between the traditional LED mirror and the Vercon Smart bathroom mirror.

The new generation Vercon smart bathroom mirrors are based on the Android system. While an LED mirror does not have any operating system. Without saying the Android OS products are far better than none.

The Vercon smart bathroom Led mirrors can obtain real-time online data and information by accessing the Internet. Through wireless WiFi or Bluetooth connection. While the traditional LED light mirror can only be connected through Bluetooth, to project the music or radio function of the mobile phone onto the mirror.

The Vercon smart bathroom led mirrors to have a big size high-definition touch screen, enable smart mirrors to have an interactive experience with you. While ordinary led mirror has only a small LCD digital display screen, will you like a small monochrome screen this year?

Trending of bathroom smart mirrors

Based on the above reasons, the new generation smart mirror can be a mirror, can also be an infinite screen.  It will respond to your request, display the information, offer the way you ask. To get the information including Online music, news, weather, traffic, video, movies, TV, even your exercise data, body monitoring information... To be exact, It is no longer a mirror. It is a new data center in your life and an indispensable assistant in your life.

Forget about the traditional mirrors with physical touch switches. Look at the stories on our mobile phones and TVs. Smart products must be mainstream in the future. The smart bathroom mirrors must be the next mirror.

Take a look at our smart bathroom mirror display video, let's embrace the era of the smart bathroom mirror.

Feature of Vercon Bathroom smart mirrors

Features of Vercon Smart Mirror:

  • Various smart mirrors size.
  • Adjustable Led lighting
  • Automatic defog functions
  • WiFi Connected and Bluetooth functions
  • Display all necessary information, data, weather, traffic...
  • Android OS
  • Built-in speakers for online music.
  • Video or TV programs
  • ESPN for sports...
  • more to find out