Smart Touch Screen Mirror

S05 Smart Touch Screen Mirror

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Important Features 1: 
Basic size Smart touch screen mirror

Important Features 2: 
WiFi Connected smart mirror

S05 Smart Touch Screen Mirror Description

S05 smart touch magic mirror, which is the basic size of the apartment, kids' bathroom smart mirror. WiFi connection, allows you to visit the Internet and obtain all the necessary information you need, like online music, weather forecasts, traffic reports, even video.

We have been supplying S05 WiFi-connected smart mirrors to local projects. There are over 50s cities projects selected for our S05 Smart Mirror.

Perfect mirror for flat or apartment projects or compact mirrors for home decor.

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Specifications Sheet

Model N.OS05
Dimension50 x 70 x 2cm / 19.7 x 27.60 x 0.78"
Touch Display Screen18.5"IPS screen
Resolution1920 x1080
Contrast3000:1 (by screen specifications)
Viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89°
Front mirror transparency0.35
Anti-fingerprint coating on mirrorYes
Life Span≥25000 Hour
Power Input (built-in switching power supply)AC 100-240V 2AMax 50/60Hz
Power Consumption/td>≤60W
Standby Power Consumption≤10W

Hardware & Software specifications

Main FrequencyQuad Core Cortex A17 1.8GHZ
Flash Memory8GB eMMC5.1 ,support MicroSD(TF)card
Wired NetworkGigabit Ethernet
Wifi2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1.X
Capacitive Touch Screen10 touch points
Power SwitchTouch
Human Body Sensor0~50cm
ZigBee ModuleOptional

S05 Smart Touch Screen Mirror

Do you remember the childhood stories where the magic mirrors had a voice and showed what you want to know? Stories become reality before our eyes. With Innovation and creativity, the Vercon S05 smart WiFi screen mirror will tell you more than "you are the most beautiful of all". The Vercon smart screen mirror will open the door to all the information you need to start the day in the best way.

Fog Free Smart Touch Screen Mirror

The Vercon High tech smart glass mirror was increased to a whopping 5mm thickness for durability and great style. This new glass mirror features 3D LED color temperature lights (cool light, warm light, and the combination of cool and warm mixed). Each light has a built-in dimmer on it. The new type of display mirror with a touch screen. Of course, this model always comes with a defogger, so the touch screen smart mirror does not get steamed even you have a long shower.

Connected Internet | Everything you want to know.

Vercon S05 Smart Touch Mirror - this is the connected mirror that gives you access to all online information, the most important economic info, weather, and traffic information. However, you can also disconnect this function. The choice is yours!

DIY of Smart mirror apps | Always new function mirror

An S05 smart screen mirror is an online ecosystem, he always offers you new applications. The variety of apps and applications makes your everyday life a little smarter. And the best, it connected to your accounts, your favorite music or data will be displayed in the mirror when you there.

Wall-mounted smart touch screen mirror

Vercon S05 smart screen mirror with built-in high quality led lighting, you can adjust the brightness to 3 different levels and infinitely choose the color temperature. Simply by a touch, Vercon smart mirror gives you the best atmospheres suits your mood or dressing.

Always clear Screen | Auto defog smart touch screen mirror

With S05 Vercon smart mirror, you are never in the mist, after a long shower, you always have a clear view. it's automatically activated as soon as the smart mirror is switched on.

One smart mirror, two-way life | Visible or invisible screen

If you don't want to see the screen always, no problem, S05 smart mirror built-in crystal mirror with invisible and visible glass, or slightly tinted screen in Magic mirror version. The screen display with functions and information only when the smart mirror is activated, disappears again when you stop it, smart and elegant mirror.

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Vercon Smart Mirrors - Your Trustable partner

There is no doubt that the smart bathroom mirror is repeating the development history of smartphones and smart TV. Let's boldly predict that the mirror in the future will be a smart mirror.

Join us and create the legend of the new mirror!

Why choose Vercon Smart mirrors.

As the leading and most potential Smart mirror manufacturer in China, Vercon has been supplying smart mirrors to over 70s countries. Based on the annual production capacity of 300,000 pcs, Vercon becomes the top manufacturer of smart mirrors in China. We are always pursuing the first-class quality in the industry, Vercon smart mirror In a very short period of time, we received high praise from customers all over the world.

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