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What kind of product are the smart hallway mirrors, entryway, or porch mirrors? One mirror can complete safety information transmission, health management, video, and entertainment. Vercon smart hallway/ entryway/ porch mirror and framed mirror can take you to experience the magic journey of "magic mirror".

As the central console of the smart home, you can control the lighting, curtain, TV, air conditioning, and other smart home devices with a little or a word. In a word, you can turn on the lights, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, turn on the water heater...

The smart hallway mirrors can play music, broadcast the news of the day, weather conditions, or video. It can not only keep abreast of the latest current events without leaving home but also provides all-around entertainment at your home.

The Vercon Smart Hallway/Entryway Mirror Series makes the most common mirror in the home become "wonderful". We believe that in the future, it can do more things that we can't imagine, and make people's home life more healthy and interesting.

Smart Hallway mirrors: X1

10.5-inch smart Hallway Entry-way mirror, With Wifi, connected, HD touch screen, support 4K, a best option for the modern home.

Smart Hallway mirror: X2

Smart Hallways mirror 21.5inch screen, with a built-in camera, support Wifi and 4.0 Bluetooth connected, black and silver color, Aluminum frame.

Smart Hallway mirror: X3

With a 15.6-inch touch screen smart Hallway/entryway smart mirror, built-in camera, 4.0 Bluetooth connection and Wifi connected