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X1 Smart WiFi Hallway Mirror Features

Vercon Smart WiFi Hallway Mirror, the new generation Hallway mirror with WiFi connection, IPS touch Screen, revolutionary home security product.


Important Features 1: 
WiFi connected Internet screen

Important Features 2: 
Android system support DIY

Smart WiFi Hallway Mirror Description

X1 Smart connected Hallway Mirror, as the center console of a smart home, the Vercon X1 smart Touch Hallway mirror is equipped with an infrared human induction system, which can wake up when approaching, leaving the standby to save energy. You can use it to control home lights, curtains, Smart home devices such as TVs and air conditioners can turn on the lights, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, turn on the water heater in one sentence, X1 Smart Touch Screen Hallway Mirror helps you to experience the refreshment as a "head of the family."

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Specifications Sheet

Model N.OX1
Dimension50 x 70 x 2cm / 19.7 x 27.60 x 0.78"
Touch Display Screen10.1 IPS
Resolution1920 x1080
Contrast3000:1 (by screen specifications)
Viewing angle89°/89°/89°/89°
Front mirror transparency0.35
Anti-fingerprint coating on mirrorYes
Life Span≥25000 Hour
Power Input (built-in switching power supply)AC 100-240V 2AMax 50/60Hz
Power Consumption/td>≤60W
Standby Power Consumption≤10W

Hardware & Software specifications

Main FrequencyQuad Core Cortex A17 1.8GHZ
GPUMali-400 MP2
Flash Memory8GB eMMC5.1
Wired NetworkGigabit Ethernet
WifiWIFI 802.11b/g/n
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1.X
Capacitive Touch Screen10 touch points
Power SwitchTouch
Human Body Sensor0~50cm
ZigBee ModuleOptional

Features of Smart Hallway Mirrors

  1. IPS high-definition touch screen
  2. resolution 1024 * 800,
  3. Super thin capacitive touch screen design touch smart hallway mirror
  4. Low Voltage Power, stability, and safety.
  5. When family members go home, the system automatically sends messages to reassure you.
  6. Light, curtain, one-key control, set your own lighting scene.
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