Workout Mirror

What's the most popular idea of sports in 2020, it must be the workout at home. Being lock-down because of Covid-19, people work at home, kids stay at home, well, all of us have to think about to have sports at home. Now we have the solution for a workout at home - the smart gym mirror | workout mirror.

It has happened to all of us. The time of the year comes to get in shape and we decided to subscribe to an expensive gym with Vercon smart gym mirror.

Now it is the turn of a revolutionary "mirror" that appears to just one more ornament in the living room but that actually hides a portal to various classes of different routines such as yoga, barre, weight plates, boxing, and more than They promise to inspire even the most sedentary people.

In addition, experts can help students reach a heart rate target by analyzing personal data after syncing smart wear via Bluetooth.

The Workout Mirror also called the "One step" fitness station. It is an intelligent fitness "e-Coach" with artificial intelligence technology as the core and digital mirror system as the carrier.

It contains professional and diversified course content, supplemented by small fitness equipment to create a 2-Square meter intelligent fitness space.

It guides users to carry out professional training or leisure fitness activities from the perspectives of vision, experience, and content. So as to help users carry out correct exercises Scientific self-help fitness, training good fitness habits.

Always enjoy your workout at the home, office, hallway... anywhere and anytime workout is such a pleasure.

33 inch Workout Mirror-M33

Entry-level workout smart mirror, with a 32-inch touch screen view area.

Best training product for 2020, powered by the Android system.

Vercon gym Mirror modifies the request of the classes according to our physical abilities and thus can change the hardness of the exercises in real-time. In addition, it also incorporates speakers so that we can listen to the relevant instructions all the time.

One step workout fitness mirror covers a small area. Easy to use and can touch all scenes of people's life. Simple code scanning operation. Whole body mirror video teaching, voice content timely guidance.

Help users clearly grasp the scientific movement posture from head to foot. Analyze the user's sports acceptance through real-time motion data collection, and intelligently recommend suitable fitness content.

43 inch Large Size Workout M43 Mirror

Mirror transparent hollow out display: coach and self-image at the same time, interactive workout mirror for any place.

Full-size Display, easy to observe.

Mirror full-body reflection: observe the coach and self-movement at the same time

It is easy to adjust in real-time and improve efficiency.

Intelligent AI Fitness Coach: built-in AI camera, Capture whole-body 3D motion data.

Vercon Workout smart mirror that will revolutionize exercise, as it is like having a coach at home but in a technological mirror.

For a more functional workout gym mirror, the mirror uses your profile and your biometric data to offer you the best advice and optimize your performance to the most. In fact, it is possible to watch your progress: the results of each workout is saved on the device. You can also connect with friends who have the mirror and take photos after each routine.