How to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror
How to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror? find an answer here.

DIY fans build Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

that’s a question asked by a big group of smart mirror fans today.  It also reflects that many people want to purchase a smart mirror or they need a smart mirror, but they can’t find out the place to buy a smart mirror, or they can’t afford the luxury smart mirrors, here we are answering the way of How to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror, or you can choose to purchase a smart mirror from Vercon smart mirror – An affordable smart mirror.

If you are interested in building your own Raspberry Pi smart mirror with optional Amazon Alexa integration, you may be interested in this smart mirror project published on recently. The project is classified as an intermediate level construction and should take approximately eight hours to complete from start to finish. A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B preloaded with the official Raspberry Raspberry Pi operating system has been used for this project. A 21-inch computer monitor has been used to provide the screen behind a panel covered with mirror glass film. Check out the video below to learn more about the DIY Smart Mirror.

According to the experience, “This Smart Mirror construction is intended to be low cost and is made of easily accessible parts. It all depends on the use of a normal photo frame and a mirror film to turn the glass into a two-way mirror. Then she encloses a monitor in a wooden frame and connects it to the mirror. Finally, the software runs on Raspberry pi and is placed behind the monitor. This project also includes an additional installation of Alexa. Your smart mirror will be great without this, but it’s nice to have a voice assistant on your mirror to ask tough questions or control home automation. ”

How to Build a Raspberry Smart Mirror

Voice-controlled smart mirror

“Mirror mirror tell me who is the most beautiful,” Snow White asked her mirror. Now you can feel like the princess (or almost!) With this Smart Mirror or smart home mirror made with Raspberry Pi. At first glance, it is a conventional mirror but it has an LCD screen behind it that projects certain information taken from the Internet such as temperature, heating, etc. The set is also connected to an Amazon Echo with Alexa and therefore responds to voice commands, such as turning on music, pointing to something on the calendar, and basically the typical Alexa features. It also has LEDs on the back that makes it visually very striking.

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