Smart Bathroom Mirror, Redefinition Mirror

Design the future lifestyle, Smart bathroom Mirror for a smart and healthy life

Bathroom, is it really just a bath and makeup place? smart bathroom mirror makes your mirror no longer a one-way glass.

From now on, your bathroom can be as follows: get up in the morning for a small physical examination.  The health indicators such as weight and blood pressure are displayed on the smart magic mirror. After working for a day, you can enjoy your favorite music to relax your body and mind; after taking a bath. You can easily wash your underwear and pants. One button can help you dry and disinfect Such bathroom life scenes can be done in Vercon’s bathroom.

Vercon Smart Mirrors ware held a new product release conference at this year’s IBS and KBIS exhibition in Vegas. With the theme of “multifunctional smart bathroom makes life healthier”. At the same time, the brand-new smart sanitary Mirror of Vercon sanitary ware shocked the public. It opened a new chapter of smart health bathroom and explained the future lifestyle to people.

Smart and Healthy Mirror

Adhering to the brand appeal of “gold life advocate”.  Vercon Smart Mirror believes that the bathroom should not only be a bathroom space but also be regarded as a one-stop smart health management center. Combined with consumer demand and intelligent technology. Vercon Smart Mirror health management module. Through the connection of smart home equipment, physical health indicators at a glance become the exclusive health housekeeper.

The Future Mirror happens now

In the intelligent era, Vercon smart Technology insists on the needs of users, and the new products are also the perfect embodiment of the combination of intelligent technology and life demand. In addition to personal health management, Vercon intelligent bathroom mirror also has diversified entertainment functions, listening to music, watching video and other entertainment ways, opening up a smart and beautiful life every day.

Compared with an ordinary bathroom, Vercon Smart bathroom also greatly improves the health level of the bathroom. Among them, the multifunctional bathroom cabinet can meet the drying and disinfection of clothes and toothbrushes, the refrigeration and preservation of skincare products, the deodorization of negative ions, and the dehumidification of smart bath mirrors, so that we can enjoy a healthy and comfortable bathroom life every day.

In the future, the bathroom will become an indispensable health management center for every family, including personal health management and health of home space. As an integral bathroom brand of Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the advantages of Guangzhou city of science and technology, Vercon has established an industry position in scientific and technological innovation, providing consumers with sanitary ware demand, and also creating an intelligent + healthy future lifestyle.

Smart Mirrors Developments

The development of science and technology is quietly changing people’s quality of life. Vercon smart products ware has insight into the needs of consumers constantly integrates innovative technology, and is committed to creating a more intelligent and healthy bathroom experience. The transformation from single function to overall intelligence is also another upgrade and breakthrough of Vercon sanitary ware brand.