Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows

Vercon attended the IBS exhibition 2020 in Vegas

Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows – IBS/KBIS 2020 was the biggest construction show in the world, attracted over 70,000 visitors from 100+ countries. We decided to attend this exhibition and present our smart mirror for global customers.

It was Vercon Technology’s first time to attend the IBS show, but it was a completely exciting journey by the end.

Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows booth is located in N113 of North Hall.

As a new exhibitor, we don’t have much experience in this exhibition. We started the journey with a try mentality. To be surprised, our stand and products have received a very wide range of attention. We become the focus of the surrounding booths – Vercon attended the IBS exhibition 2020 in Vegas and become a star exhibitor.

We have exhibited three model smart mirrors developed in 2019. Due to the rush of preparation, we didn’t even replace the U.S. plug. We need to use the adapter plug for power supply, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of customers. Three of us have been communicating and introducing with the guests continuously. They don’t even have time to drink water. They are surrounded by guests from the morning to the evening. This shows how hot the market for the intelligent bathroom mirror is.

Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows Received Wide Attention from IBS customers

We have received inquiries from supermarket chain customers,  we are happy with Vercon attended the IBS exhibition 2020 in Vegas. They have stable quality and competitive price, who can quickly open the civil Smart Mirror Market.

Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows
Vegas 2020 Smart Mirror Shows, N113, the 1st trip of the smart mirror in the US

We also received inquiries from builders or construction companies. They want to know where to buy products as soon as possible. Some ask to provide customized products for their hotels and real estate projects.  Many guests placed trial orders.

Online customers like Vercon smart mirror

At the same time, we have attracted the attention of many Amazon and WAYFAIR sellers, who are eager to promote our products to online platforms. They are the most popular sales model and platforms. We are also very happy to study the possibility of this new type of marketing.

New planning of Vercon smart mirror company

There is no doubt Vercon attended the IBS exhibition 2020 in Vegas successfully, The exhibition lasted for 3 days, we received 200 + customers’ visiting and very warm feedback. Guangzhou Vercon will continue to participate in the exhibition and strive for better.

The 2021 Smart Mirror Trending

Trending of modern mirrors.

Before we reveal the 2021 smart mirror trending, let’s look at what happens for modern mirrors.

In the past hundred years, the industrial design and driving principle of modern mirrors have not changed much. The mode of “taking mirror as a mirror to correct one’s clothes” not only emphasizes the “uniqueness” of the mirror as “grooming”, but also highlights its functional limitations to a certain extent.

smart mirror trending for 2021

The mirror of the Smart Era – Smart Mirror Trending

With the advent of the new consumption era, market demand, industry expectation, and user demand has changed. The breakthrough of technology and data has created powerful conditions for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of mirrors.

In 2017, Vercon Technology, focusing on Smart Mirror, first launched the concept of “smart magic mirror” in China. Vercon launched a series of smart magic mirrors, which successfully captured the trust of a number of customers. The concept of the smart magic mirror has also become a synonym for such products, as a new generation mirror.

smart mirror trending 2021 year

The emergence of an intelligent magic mirror perfectly solves the pain point of the traditional mirror. It also caters to the positive feedback of industry and market. Since 2018, the domestic smart mirror has entered a period of rapid growth in the bend market. According to the data released by Vercon, the number of orders in 2018 has increased by 300% compared with the previous year.

As the smart mirror is gradually recognized by the market, its penetration rate is also higher and higher, high-end hardbound rooms and smart hotels have begun to use it as the standard decoration.

In the trend of intellectualization, the intellectualization of traditional household appliances is a huge market. In fact, the smart home products we can see today can find prototypes in the original market. Such as the smart mirror. Instead of creating a concept, the mirror is intelligently transformed and upgraded to connect with other smart home products, which is also the change expected by the traditional mirror industry.

Smart Mirror Potential Market of 2021

There is a great demand for intelligent magic mirrors in the commercial field. It is gradually popularized in the field of living and home furnishing, especially in the fields of beauty, clothing collocation, health monitoring, etc. The intelligent magic mirror has realized the new upgrade of the current lifestyle.

the potential of smart mirror market 2021

Compared with the smart mirror demand of 2 billion in the global market, the smart mirror installation rate is not very attractive.

If the average price of the smart mirror is 500 dollars, the trillion level market is far from being activated. At the same time, the huge market development potential stimulates smart home brands, Internet/home appliance giants, and innovative enterprises to enter the market.

In order to cut this “cake”, Vercon, who has been committed to the intelligent mirror, has been making technological innovation and system optimization to make smart mirror not only stay in “intelligent product”, but also realize mirror + smart home full scene ecology based on clothing, food, housing, and transportation, so as to create a sharp tool for Smart Mirror in fierce competition.

Smart Mirror for IoT

Through AIOT solution, Vercon connects all mirrors in business and family life, realizes new crossover and integration with traditional home building materials, and positions intelligent magic mirror as the fourth screen of home.

Smart mirror IoT is the most attractive feature for smart life

For VERCON, as an entry-level product of a smart home, the smart magic mirror should not be a symbol of cold and lonely, but an important hub to connect people. It can help people realize interconnection through temperature and intelligent interaction.

On the one hand, starting from the user value, rather than creating “pseudo demand”. For example, in Vercon’s product line, smart bathroom mirrors, smart kitchen mirrors, smart beauty mirror,s, and smart dressing mirror are products with high frequency, which have real value for users.

The second is to start from the scene driven. Vercon’s research and development on Smart Mirror are based on two principles: whether the product serves the smart home ecosystem, and whether the product can really make users feel convenient and comfortable.

Secondly, it is necessary to let users have spiritual pleasure and pay attention to user experience.

Smart home product is also a cool play product. Vercon smart mirror has built a user experience system with mirror + as the core through hardware, software, technology, and services, which fully realizes the interaction between people and devices, and the interaction between devices so that users can have a new interactive experience.

Join the Smart Mirror Trending 2021

From a single smart mirror product to the smart home ecosystem, smart IoT is becoming more and more meaningful.

2021 will be the first year of the intelligent bathroom mirror, which will open the growth port in the next decade. 2021 will be the year of the explosion and take-off of the smart magic mirror. Let’s embrace this magic product together.

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Smart Bathroom Mirror, Redefinition Mirror

Design the future lifestyle, Smart bathroom Mirror for a smart and healthy life

Bathroom, is it really just a bath and makeup place? smart bathroom mirror makes your mirror no longer a one-way glass.

From now on, your bathroom can be as follows: get up in the morning for a small physical examination.  The health indicators such as weight and blood pressure are displayed on the smart magic mirror. After working for a day, you can enjoy your favorite music to relax your body and mind; after taking a bath. You can easily wash your underwear and pants. One button can help you dry and disinfect Such bathroom life scenes can be done in Vercon’s bathroom.

Vercon Smart Mirrors ware held a new product release conference at this year’s IBS and KBIS exhibition in Vegas. With the theme of “multifunctional smart bathroom makes life healthier”. At the same time, the brand-new smart sanitary Mirror of Vercon sanitary ware shocked the public. It opened a new chapter of smart health bathroom and explained the future lifestyle to people.

Smart and Healthy Mirror

Adhering to the brand appeal of “gold life advocate”.  Vercon Smart Mirror believes that the bathroom should not only be a bathroom space but also be regarded as a one-stop smart health management center. Combined with consumer demand and intelligent technology. Vercon Smart Mirror health management module. Through the connection of smart home equipment, physical health indicators at a glance become the exclusive health housekeeper.

The Future Mirror happens now

In the intelligent era, Vercon smart Technology insists on the needs of users, and the new products are also the perfect embodiment of the combination of intelligent technology and life demand. In addition to personal health management, Vercon intelligent bathroom mirror also has diversified entertainment functions, listening to music, watching video and other entertainment ways, opening up a smart and beautiful life every day.

Compared with an ordinary bathroom, Vercon Smart bathroom also greatly improves the health level of the bathroom. Among them, the multifunctional bathroom cabinet can meet the drying and disinfection of clothes and toothbrushes, the refrigeration and preservation of skincare products, the deodorization of negative ions, and the dehumidification of smart bath mirrors, so that we can enjoy a healthy and comfortable bathroom life every day.

In the future, the bathroom will become an indispensable health management center for every family, including personal health management and health of home space. As an integral bathroom brand of Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the advantages of Guangzhou city of science and technology, Vercon has established an industry position in scientific and technological innovation, providing consumers with sanitary ware demand, and also creating an intelligent + healthy future lifestyle.

Smart Mirrors Developments

The development of science and technology is quietly changing people’s quality of life. Vercon smart products ware has insight into the needs of consumers constantly integrates innovative technology, and is committed to creating a more intelligent and healthy bathroom experience. The transformation from single function to overall intelligence is also another upgrade and breakthrough of Vercon sanitary ware brand.


Latest Smart Mirror Projects

The Smart Cloud-Top Smart Mirror projects

The country garden cloud top is located in Phoenix City, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. It was built by Guangzhou Country Garden Property Development Co., Ltd.,. With a total construction area of 396000, a total floor area of 96000, and a total of 597 houses. Let’s have a look at their Smart Mirror Projects and Smart community.


Cloud Top Smart Mirror Project Details

The cloud top of Phoenix City of the country garden is the first work of “cloud” created by Country Garden.

With the four strict standards of “Yunhe”, “Yunzhu”, “Yunhui” and “Yunfu”, we have created a new product line cloud system. We have the future pulse of Guangzhou’s urban development, backed by Phoenix City, close to Tod.

Enjoying the headquarters economy, retreating to the peach land in the middle of the mountain, and “getting the land of the city, returning the city’s treasures”!

All point layout of the project, innovation of modern aesthetic garden. SSGF construction method, private elevator entering the house and cloud system luxury decoration create the masterpiece of “Cloud Architecture” of bay division era aesthetics;

Initiate the “four-dimensional and eight-dimensional” cloud technology system to intelligently lead the city’s “cloud wisdom” life;

Upgrade and create “yunjue” luxury house property card to provide a full range of housekeepers customized services [2]

The project covers an area of about 400,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1.1 million square meters.

In the first phase of the development of the plot, the total construction area of about 396000 square meters, full point layout. A total of 16 high-rise residential planning, building Tianhe East super large ecological technology mansion.

The Smart home and smart Mirror projects is surrounded by mountains on all sides, enjoying the original ecological mountain scenery of chenjialin. Enjoying the supporting facilities of Phoenix City which has been mature for 17 years.

It is close to TOD international new city, the transportation hub in the east of Guangzhou. Enjoys the life circle of the bay area.

The Smart home Structures

Smart configuration of main living area

1. Smart scheme of the gateway

Functional design description

1. Fingerprint code unlock: the whole family no longer need to bring the key

2. Family home reminder: pay more care for family members

3. Home identity recognition: voice reminder to increase the sense of ceremony of going home

4. Automatic induction lighting of the porch mirror: open the door automatically and turn on the light of the porch, which is convenient for changing shoes and hanging clothes

5. Lighting design – light and shade adjustment: when you go home at night, the light will turn on slowly and pay attention to more details

Security supplement:

· door not closed reminder: if the door is not closed tightly, the sound alarm will be given? anti prying alarm: when the door lock is prayed abnormally, the door lock will give a voice prompt

· prevent the small black box from opening: the Tesla coil circulated on the Internet is invalid for this door lock? infrared / door magnetic trigger automatic capture: and upload to the user’s mobile phone or property center

2. Intelligent scheme of the living room and basement living room

Functional design description

1. Living room Custom Scene: reception mode / party mode / leisure mode / TV scene / leave mode

2. Lighting color temperature adjustment: 2700k-6000k, warm yellow to white cold color, creating your own atmosphere

3. Lighting brightness adjustment: from light to dark, adjust at will

4. Lighting color adjustment: 16 million colors, free choice, free collocation

5. Automatic window closing in case of rain and wind. The window will be closed automatically in case of wind and rain to avoid rainwater immersion

6. Enjoy the natural light: automatically open the curtain every day, introduce natural light, indoor sterilization, automatic sunshade in strong light

7. Air convection: open windows regularly every day to strengthen air convection and improve air replacement efficiency

8. Real-time monitoring of formaldehyde/dust particles/carbon dioxide/temperature and humidity/noise: timely handling of abnormal quality

9. Monitoring and control of dust particles: when the indoor concentration exceeds 80, the fresh air purification will be started automatically, and the windows will be ventilated

10. When the formaldehyde concentration exceeds 0.1%, the fresh air will be opened automatically or the window will be opened for ventilation

11. When the temperature is too high, turn on the air conditioner, and when the humidity is low, turn on the humidifier: someone turns it on and nobody ignores it

12. Automatic control of electrical appliances: automatic control of water dispenser / TV/split air conditioner/humidifier

13. Constant temperature, humidity, and oxygen: intelligent adjustment of indoor temperature, humidity, and oxygen supply

14. AI voice interaction: control home devices through voice and chat

3. Kitchen Smart scheme

Light regulation and automatic control of the air conditioner and exhaust fan

One smoke detector is installed. In case of fire, the remote app / WeChat will receive the alarm information in time, and the local linkage audible and visual alarm will push the information to the property.

Install combustible gas leakage detector, manipulator controller, smart socket, etc. in case of gas leakage, remote app / WeChat alarm in time, and at the same time automatically close the gas valve and open the window for ventilation.

4. Smart Bathroom scheme

The infrared detector of the human body is installed. When people come over, the light will be on automatically, and the exhaust fan will change air automatically. After the person leaves, the light and exhaust fan will be turned off automatically, without manual operation.

In the cold winter, the host can set the time through the touch screen, and turn on the air conditioner or floor heating of the toilet regularly: for example, when the master is still sleeping in the morning, he will automatically give the toilet family members, which is convenient for the master to use after getting up.

At night, when the host gets up at night, the main light in the bathroom is automatically adjusted to 30% brightness to avoid dazzling.

Installation of a water leakage sensor, real-time monitoring toilet, water leakage automatically closes the valve.

Smart Mirror: imagine that when you wash in the bathroom in the morning, you can completely lose your mobile phone and tablet. You can play music, check the weather, browse news, and view beauty teaching videos only through voice interaction. These seeming sci-fi scenes can be realized by the intelligent magic mirror of riot super wisdom.

5. Intelligent plan of study

Wall intelligent switch panel, convenient to turn on the lighting of the study, can set scene linkage, turn on the equipment in the designated area.

The bathroom of the study is equipped with intelligent induction lighting and environmental regulation.

6. Smart scheme for stairs and public areas

Functional design description

1. Automatic induction lighting: automatic lighting up and downstairs, induction lighting in the corridor

2. Mobile phone switch window: relatively high, not easy to operate

3. Mobile phone switch curtain

4. Automatic window closing in case of rain and wind: the window will be closed automatically in case of wind and rain to avoid rainwater immersion

5. Natural lighting/shading: stair curtains open and close automatically to introduce natural light

7. Master bedroom, the Smart scheme of the bedroom smart mirror projects

Functional design Description:

Lighting regulation, electric curtain, environmental monitoring, air conditioning system.

The touch scene panel is installed at the entrance of the bedroom and the head of the bed, which is convenient and fast.

The light sets multiple scenes such as “bright”, “getting up at night”, “getting up”, “watching TV” and so on.

Scene of getting up at night: when the footlights are turned on, the lights in the bathroom are also turned on at the same time; when you press the “get up” scene, the curtain will be opened slowly, the background music will sound, the water heater will be turned on automatically, and the latest news you are concerned about will be broadcast on TV.

Each bedroom is equipped with an emergency button to alarm for emergency or duress.

Intelligent sleep system: collect sleep information from multiple dimensions, monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, turn over / leave bed data in real-time, and send out an alarm when abnormal data is detected. Intelligence forms sleep analysis reports to help improve sleep quality.

After monitoring that the host falls asleep, the TV is automatically turned off, the lighting is adjusted to sleeping mode, and the air conditioning enters into a smart operation state, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Scene linkage: linkage with smart home to automatically turn off lights and curtains, adjust indoor temperature and create a comfortable sleeping environment

Provide sleep advice: help users improve their sleep quality

8. Video room smart mirror projects

Home theater: intelligent entertainment products make family gatherings and leisure time more romantic. When at home, 1s shuttle to the cinema and enjoy a happy time with family on weekends. It is an intelligent product with high happiness value.

Control object: light switch and dimming, electric curtain, air conditioner, TV, etc.

9. Design of storage room, wine cellar, and garage

The lighting in the storage room and wine cellar is controlled by means of infrared sensors. Usually, the lights in the room are turned off. If only someone enters the storeroom, all the lights in the storeroom will be turned on automatically. When people leave, they will automatically return to their original state.

For safety reasons, the entire villa control system and equipment are placed in the storage room

The infrared intrusion detector takes into account the security alarm function. When someone intrudes at night, the alarm system will be started immediately.

The garage is equipped with a smart monitoring camera, and some people illegally break in and leave image data, which is convenient for the relevant departments to solve the case.

A smart home makes every living space become a real super-smart home. It will add more happy moments to our life.

In the era of whole house smart mirror projects, a smart home knows you better and you can live more comfortably.

What does a smart mirror do

The mirror is a must in our daily lives, and have you ever heard of smart mirrors? So, what is a smart mirror? What does a smart mirror do? What are the functions of the smart mirror? Let’s introduce the knowledge about smart mirrors for you one by one, or you can visit our Instagram for details.

What does a smart mirror do – Smart Mirror History.

In May 2012, Seraku launched a smart mirror display based on the Android system at the Mobile Device Expo. The mirror display can display daily weather, weight, notes, and other information. The display has a built-in translucent mirror. It has RF The distance sensor can sense the user’s gesture operation, just like in a science fiction movie.
At the same time, the smart mirror display is also a weight measuring instrument that can display the user’s weight. Seraku said at the Mobile Device Expo that he hopes that in the future. Users can view a lot of news while taking a bath. The device is currently in the development of a prototype. The stage is just to release the concept, there is still a long way to go before mass production.

The new type of smart mirror for commercial use.

Another new type of mirror may be suitable for clothing retail stores. Tokyo design company Non-Grid has installed no less than 12 “interactive mirrors” in Japan and London. These mirrors are not mirrors in the true sense, but ultra-thin displays with high-definition cameras. If a person stands in front of the camera. His image will be displayed on the screen as if looking in a mirror.

At the Diesel store in Ginza, Tokyo, consumers can even “try on” jeans of a certain brand. When the customer stands in front of the interactive mirror. It will take photos of the customer’s front, back, and side. When a customer chooses jeans of various brands. The display will show what the customer looks like after wearing jeans of this brand. If they like the look on the screen. They can send a photo of the jeans to their email, or post it to Facebook and Twitter.

What does a smart mirror do – Smart Mirror functions

Smart Mirror is a mirror implementation platform for the latest operating system. It can be equipped with the Android system and Microsoft Windows system. It is an ordinary mirror when not in use, but if you gently call “Mirror Mirror” to the mirror, You can use him to watch TV, watch videos, watch WeChat, etc.

At present, it has begun to rise in China, and it is available on all major platforms, and the price is relatively close to the people. today What does a smart mirror do is not a question, but a demand already.

The extension of the smart mirror – Smart homes applications

What does a smart mirror do

The smart mirror belongs to the category of building materials as a mirror. The smart mirror has smart functions. Such as a skin meter, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, weight scale, sleep… So on to monitor the human health index.

The Smart Mirror Operating System can become the integration center of smart home appliances. It also can be associated with smart home appliances. When the magic mirror is awakened, it is the operating platform of your smart home.

In fact, the most important function is to do imaging reminders, leave messages for relatives and friends, etc. What’s smarter is that Magic Mirror also has very considerate schedule management and travel advice.  It helps you plan today’s work schedule, transportation routes, and other issues.

What’s even more incredible is that the style of the magic mirror can be “privately customized” according to user needs. This kind of mirror on the market can be customized with various specifications. Including bathroom mirrors, makeup mirrors, gym mirrors, and hotel smart bathroom mirrors. Mirror and so on.

With the advent of the smart home era, major manufacturers have seized the entrance of smart homes. The competition between Internet manufacturers and traditional home appliance manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. Smart door locks, smart speakers, smart air conditioners, refrigerators, and other products emerge endlessly. But as consumers Regarding the redefinition of “home” life, in addition to cold appliances. The home product with a more “temperature” of life has been expected by consumers.

The smart mirror marketing potential

The launch of smart mirror products has filled consumers’ needs in this regard. Although they are not just functional needs. They can give users a brand-new product experience and allow technology to appear in their lives all the time.

The so-called smart mirror is a smart terminal device that can run applications. It has an independent application store, supports voice recognition, gesture recognition, multi-touch, and other interactive methods. A smart mirror can provide multiple users with rich functions. When the smart mirror is awakened, it becomes an intelligent mutual assistance center. Which can be a small assistant for users in life and work. The display of a home smart mirror can usually display daily weather, hot news, traffic information, schedule, dressing index, health management, etc.  In addition to home scenes, smart mirrors can also be used in beauty salons, barbershops, bars, retail stores, and other places.


5G Smart home is coming

Image of  5G Smart home

5G Smart home
5G Smart home is coming

“I’m home.” As the owner of the apartment opens the door, the lights in the house are turned on automatically. The curtain and air conditioner are opened according to the mode set by the owner. The soothing music sounds. The news of the day is broadcast automatically. The microwave oven in the kitchen has already warmed up the food put in early in the morning… these all display the 5G smart home features.

In this room, you just need to give instructions. All kinds of a smart home can be opened, or closed according to your idea.

This is not the scene in the movie, but the real experience in the smart apartment in Guangzhou China.

This 5G smart home is a smart family “model room” built by China Mobile Chongqing company. The “model room” has realized the full coverage of indoor 5g network and Gigabit family broadband. There are about 20 kinds of smart home products used in the porch, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other family life scenes.

5G Smart Home Control

The product control is integrated into the home intelligent gateway control center. You can realize the intelligent control of the whole house’s intelligent products. Only through the mobile phone app or voice command.

In this “model room”, you can experience more than just fast. Faster access to the Internet brings a higher quality of life experience. You can also take the initiative to set application modes of various intelligent scenarios. Through 4K, 8K, Ultra HD video, and VR cloud games, different members of the family. Enjoy better entertainment and leisure activities.

At the same time, the “model room” covers the terminal, network, and application. It integrated security scheme, which can make family life safer and create a “safe home”.

It is worth mentioning that the “model room” is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6 router. It achieves Gigabit Wi-Fi coverage in addition to Gigabit 5g and Gigabit broadband. Wi-Fi 6 has stronger penetration and better security, which breaks through the problems such as the significant increase of delay, in the case of high concurrency of Wi-Fi device users in the past. The network speed is equivalent to 5g, and the delay is controlled within 50ms. Which can meet the network capacity requirements of a large number of applications in the 5g era.

At present, Guangzhou company is actively building a comprehensive network service capability with “Gigabit 5g, Gigabit broadband, and Gigabit Wi-Fi” as one. Building 10000 5g base stations, 2000 5g double Gigabit demonstration communities, and 100000 Gigabit broadband users.

5G- 6G Smart home projection

Affected by the epidemic, people’s way of thinking, lifestyle, and work style have undergone profound changes. The demands and scenarios of online consumption, smart home, cloud life, distance education. Remote offices have entered a period of rapid development. The demand for ultra-high-speed mobile and broadband networks, artificial intelligence, and big data has also increased strongly.

With the rapid implementation of “new infrastructure” such as 5g and the Internet of things. More ubiquitous, high-speed, and multiform intelligent products have entered ordinary people’s homes. Based on the high-speed, low delay, and multi-connection characteristics of 5g network and Gigabit home broadband, bringing new digital life experiences for people.


In the past “5.17 International Telecommunication Day”, China Mobile Guangzhou company released the white paper on digital home ecology through the “5g double Gigabit cloud conference”, marking that Chongqing Mobile is accelerating the construction of digital home ecology and actively helping to build Chongqing into a 5g “double Gigabit” city.