How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror, as we all that, is the mirror that used for washing and grooming in our bathroom. And do you know what is a bathroom mirror? Or we can say, how much do you know about the bathroom mirror? How to choose the best bathroom mirror you need? After reading this blog, we hope it will help you to make the best choice.


How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – bathroom mirror Appearance.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, it will be helpful to take more looking to observe the mirror from multiple angles, such as the front, side, and back. A good bathroom mirror should be smooth from the surface, with uniform light reflection, no color difference, and no bumps. The appearance and shape should be symmetrical, and the size and style should match the overall style of the bathroom scene. This is a very important step in selecting the best suitable bathroom mirror.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror- Smart Bathroom Budget and Functions.

Many people do not have a clear concept of the price range of bathroom mirrors. From the Chinese bronze mirrors 4000 years ago to a modern smart mirror, the functions and actual application scene have changed a lot, and the prices take a range from a few dollars to thousands. That’s why we should also focus on points following, to know more about different bathroom mirrors according to the budget and functions.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – Common bathroom mirror.

It mostly refers to the mirror made of ordinary glass-like white glass, or clear glass. The backside is generally sprayed with mercury nitrate or mercury sulfate to save costs, but the stability of mercury is not good, and it is prone to oxidize and rust. The reflection performance of ordinary mirrors is about 70%, the shape and color are easily distorted, with its life short, and the corrosion resistance is poor. Therefore, despite the low price, fewer people use this kind of mirror in the bathroom, where they live mostly in less developed areas.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – Bathroom silver mirror,

Maybe silver-plated mirror. This is the mirror using silver nitrate as the coating, which is not easy to oxidize and rust, and the physical and geometric reflection is more standardized. The silver mirror is used for decoration in places where the general environment is wet and in high-end decoration. Silver does not easily react with water molecules. It will not oxidize and change color and get a long service life. Therefore, almost all high-end products in the subsequent market are based on silver mirrors to make secondary development. With the current market standard size of 600mm*800MM, the price of basic models on the market is generally around $30 to $50 dollars.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror and LED bathroom mirror, is another type of product with LED lighting added to the silver mirror. The light is divided into lighting and supplementary light, and some mirrors can also be customized to adjust the brightness of the light as you like. After a bathroom mirror began to be powered, the anti-fog function slowly began to be integrated into the bathroom mirror. The Bluetooth module and temperature display became the marketing methods that the merchant did to increase the selling point of the LED mirror after the product was homogenized. This type of bathroom mirror currently takes the major market share, with a price range of about $80 to $500 dollars.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror or TV Mirror is the mirror or we can say some type of TV in away. Consumers have new functional requirements for bathroom mirrors, and it comes from people’s pursuit of high living standards. When the TV function is not turned on, it is the same as the ordinary LED mirror. After the function is turned on, you can watch TV programs while taking a bath. In recent years, TV Mirrors have been installed with a large number of high-end commercial consumer places, such as hotels and apartments. However, TV mirror has its downside in installation, needed to be reserved with the TV signal interface, with the thicker looking compared with that of the general mirrors. Most of them used embedded installation, and professional personnel is required in later maintenance. At present, the product is still used for many purposes, and the price is basically around $800 to $1200 dollars.

Smart Mirror, a high-tech product in the era of the Internet smart home, having a lighter and thinner appearance than TV Mirror, simple installation, Wi-Fi to connect, and a general sales price of more than 1,500 US dollars. Some Chinese high-quality products, like Vercon Mirror, maybe less than 1,000 US dollars with the world’s most complete industry Supporting. Some functions like weather forecasting, travel management, health monitoring, news, video, music, and other functions, make people life smarter and more efficiently. If the major manufacturers can unify the development agreement for smart mirrors, then any products can be connected with the smart mirror, remote controlling of home appliances, curtains, and other equipment, to realize human-computer interaction and obtain more of the Internet of Things(#IOT).

To sum up, the right option for you mostly depends on your own budget, the size of the smart mirror you want to build, and the style of your mirror, or can be said what other functions you want to get. Take a closer look at the different options you have, so you can make the right choice for your bathroom mirrors. Vercon Mirror( also supplies you with more different choices in Hallway Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Gym, or Workout Mirrors, to enhance people living with an efficient and elegant way. (check these options in the list of recommended Vercon mirrors)

More information about How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror
Do you want more information about the Vercon smart mirror? Then I advise you to consult the Vercon website. You can find more details here. The Vercon mirror is also for sale at Amazon now.

how to choose the best bathroom mirror
adjustable LED light smart mirror


Led Smart Bathroom Mirror

Led Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Led smart bathroom mirror is particularly popular because they use lights behind the mirror to create a subtle, but useful, glow that can light your bathroom in subtle ways. While built-in led light or led strips are very beneficial, Vercon LED smart bathroom mirrors are probably the most helpful type on the market today.

Led strip for smart mirror
Led strip for led smart bathroom mirror

Vercon Smart Led bathroom mirror

use the imported led strip, to secure the led smart mirror match the highly water-proof standard – IP65. Even you can spray on the mirror, you led lighting mirror always safe and stable.

Similar to many LED mirrors, the Vercon smart led vanity mirror doesn’t require a separate electric charge.  the nice of the led strip is that they don’t need as much as electricity as traditional lighting. thanks to the smart mirror apps and OS, the smart vanity led mirror is an energy-saving product for the home.

Adjustable LED smart mirror
adjustable LED light smart mirror

Led Smart Bathroom Mirror is stable?

LEDs are also the most energy-efficient way of smart lighting a mirror, saving you money off your energy bill, and doing your bit for the environment at the same time. They also have a far superior lifespan. The average LED has a lifespan of roughly 70,000 hours, some 42 times longer than a traditional incandescent strip.

The LED smart bathroom mirror will provide a delicate yet enough light to sustain your needs. It is ideal for shaving, putting on makeup, or doing things that requires a sufficient amount of light. … The use of angled LED light to make the best effect.

2 Adjustable light LED smart Mirror
Adjustable LED Light smart mirror

How Big of Led Smart Mirror for your bathroom?

As a rule, the led smart vanity mirror should measure several inches less than the vanity or sink area. For example, if you’ve chosen a 48″ single sink vanity, you will want to select a mirror that’s the width (frame included) doesn’t exceed 48 inches. To make sure the mirror doesn’t overpower the room, aim for 42-44 inches total, the touch screen of the smart mirror ranges from 15.6 inches to 23 inches.

fog free smart mirror
smart mirror with auto-defog function
Can I DIY a smart led bathroom smart mirror?

Well, technically you can, of course. But the point is that you shouldn’t. Led smart Bathroom mirrors are different from regular mirrors in several ways. … This includes everything from the bathtub and toilet seat to the sink, windows, shower door, and well, you guessed it. As we know, the bathroom always with high humidity, after a long shower, even you can find out the drops from the glass or mirror surface. DIY smart led vanity mirror might not meet the standard and easy to cause shot-cut electricity problems.

Should we have a led frameless smart mirror?

Frameless mirrors are a popular choice in bathrooms for a few likely reasons. One is that they tend to be less expensive while often still quite stylish. … Frameless led bathroom smart mirrors to work most easily in contemporary or modern and minimalist spaces without a lot of busy decors.

Frameless led smart mirror

Most led vanity smart mirrors are manufactured to a thickness of 1/8” – 3/16” and ¼”. To obtain the best quality of true undistorted reflections, always use ¼” thick mirrors. Using mirrors with thicknesses less than ¼”, particularly when affixed to a wall, will most certainly provide a distorted image as the wall is not perfectly flat. Vercon led vanity smart mirror is 0.78″, the thinnest smart mirror in the world, perfectly match your luxury home decoration plans.


Why smart mirrors?

Why smart mirrors?

why smart mirror

Why a smart mirror? why I need a smart mirror, why the smart mirror is trending, why smart mirror will replace the traditional led mirrors.

Many customers asked the same question, what’s the difference advantage of your smart mirror, why we need your smart mirrors, why has to be touch screen smart mirrors… why we have to spend few hundreds more to buy a smart mirror, which I suppose to pay one hundred dollars mirror.

A smart mirror, also known as a magic mirror, displays the time, weather, calendar, news, and social media updates. that’s the explanation from google
Vercon Smart mirror, powered by Android and combined touch screen and smart device, not just display the time, weather, calendar or news, social media updates, but also allows you to communicate with your smart mirror.

Vercon Smart Mirror – this is more than a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is an intelligent mirror, a networked mirror, optionally an illuminated mirror. A magic mirror. A mirror with sound. A mirror that doesn’t just reflect you and the room you are in. He shows you in the best light. He lets you hear what you want to hear. And he’ll give you all the information you need for the day so you’re ready for anything. There is no better way to start the day in the morning. There is no better way to end it in the evening.

Smart Mirror – this is the networked mirror that gives you access to your appointments, all important news, the weather, and traffic news. So you don’t even get in a rush. And if you want to know whether the stars are with you, you can of course receive your horoscope via Smart Mirror. Unless you turn this feature off. It’s up to you.

Smart Mirror is a growing system. It always offers you new apps. A growing range of services that make you a little smarter every day. And best of all: As a registered user, you will automatically be informed about every new app.

Smart Mirror plays the program you love via the integrated web radio. Up to four customizable user profiles are available to you. You can also control your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the playlist of your choice. Whatever you do, music is in the air with Smart Mirror. Without a visible speaker.

Smart Mirror is also available in versions with high-quality LEDs. With these models, you can adjust the brightness in five steps and choose the color temperature freely. Simply by touch. Depending on the occasion, it matches your outfit or simply your mood. Whether you’re dressing up for the big event or styling yourself for a business meeting – Smart Mirror shows you how you look in different lighting moods.

With Smart Mirror you are never left in a haze. No matter how long you shower. You always enjoy a clear view. Because the heated mirror surface with its permanent anti-fog function makes the steam. It works automatically as soon as you switch on the mirror.

Don’t want to see the display all the time? No problem. Smart Mirror is available as a crystal-clear mirror with a visible display and as a slightly tinted Magic Mirror. The display with all functions and information only appears when you switch on the mirror. And it disappears again when you turn it off. Simply smart, real magic.

Find more details, please give us a call or email us, Vercon mirror, your next magic mirror.

Vercon S30 smart mirror
The smart mirror is the next trending of home mirrors

Smart Mirror Marketing

Smart Mirror Marketing Status Report

Smart Mirror Marketing Status
Smart Mirror Marketing Report of 2020 shows Smart Mirror Marketing Status

Smart Mirror Marketing Status: SMART LIFE Research has recently published a report, titled “Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror Market Insights, Forecast to 2026“. The research report gives the potential headway openings that prevail in the global market. The report is amalgamated depending on research procured from primary and secondary information. The global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market are relied upon to develop generously and succeed in volume and value during the predicted time period. Moreover, the report gives nitty gritty data on different manufacturers, regions, and products which are important to totally understand the market.

Key Companies/Manufacturers operating in the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market include Philips, Kohler, Haier, HiMirror, QAIO, Guangzhou Qudee, Mues-Tec, Seura, CareOS, Kuset, Lamxon, Lide, Vercon Smart Mirror.

Get a PDF Sample Copy of the Report to understand the structure of the complete report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart) :

Smart Mirror Marketing Status Segmental Analysis

Both developed and emerging regions are deeply studied by the authors of the report. The regional analysis section of the report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market on the basis of region. Each region is exhaustively researched so that players can use the analysis to tap into unexplored markets and plan powerful strategies to gain a foothold in lucrative markets.

Global and China Bathroom Smart Mirror Marketing Status Segment By Type:

≤ 11 Inch
12-25 Inch

Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror Market Segment By  Application:

Home Use
Commercial Use

Smart Mirror Marketing Status Report Competitive Landscape

Competitor analysis is one of the best sections of the report that compares the progress of leading players based on crucial parameters, including market share, new developments, global reach, local competition, price, and production. From the nature of competition to future changes in the vendor landscape, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the competition in the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market.

Key companies operating in the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market include Philips, Kohler, Haier, HiMirror, QAIO, Guangzhou Qudee, Mues-Tec, Seura, CareOS, Kuset, Lamxon, Lide, Vercon Smart Mirror.

Key questions answered in the Smart Mirror Status and Marketing Report:
  • What is the growth potential of the Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market?
  • Which product segment will grab a lion’s share?
  • Which regional market will emerge as a frontrunner in the coming years?
  • Which application segment will grow at a robust rate?
  • What are the growth opportunities that may emerge in the Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror industry in the years to come?
  • What are the key challenges that the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market may face in the future?
  • Which are the leading companies in the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market?
  • Which are the key trends positively impacting the market growth?
  • Which are the growth strategies considered by the players to sustain hold in the global Global and China Smart Bathroom Mirror market?

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What is a smart mirror

What is a smart mirror
What is a smart mirror? hope we will find out the answer here.

What is A smart mirror today ?

What is a smart mirror with latest features? The latest smart mirror provides a convenient way for you to display practical information on a piece of furniture that can be combined with your decor. Our SmartMirror can be customized to display only information relevant to you.

Vercon 2020 Smart Mirror

Touch screen smart mirror allows you to choose to display any or all of the following information:
Date and Time / Local time / Road traffic information / Train travel information / City Underground State / News headlines / Google calendar.

Structure of a smart mirror:

Vercon Smart Mirror uses a 21.5-inch touch screen in an aluminum mirror component to offer value for money. This frame can look at home in any room, it can be hung vertically or horizontally and the screen will rotate.

Smart Mirror features:

1) Includes a 21.5 “display module for smart information.
2) Mini Bluetooth remote keyboard and trackpad
3) Alexa voice integration (through a single press on the remote control)
4) Hang horizontally or vertically.
5) Run Android apps like YouTube, Netflix, Espn, CNN, Amazon…
6) The integration of Google Calendar is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
7) This device requires power, it comes with a 9.8 ft. The white power cord that should be easy to hide and reach a smart mirror power.

what is a Smart Mirror with Touch screen- Displays smart information within a mirror. Alexa voice control Smart display: Google calendar, news, weather, traffic, trains, tubes. Cloud Control allows you to manage the mirror from another device Android O / S allows you to run your favorite applications.

What’s a smart mirror factory?

In the past months, hundreds of factory have to get involved in smart mirror manufacturing, and claims they have suitable smart glass products available. but is it a real smart mirror factory ? As we understanding, these metal ware factory are not capable factory, they even don’t have a dust free production line. Cause the big quality risky of producing a smart mirror

hope you have your ideas of a truly smart mirror now.