Smart Mirror Functions

What’s the smart mirror functions

Smart mirror functions reveal, with the progress of smart product development, there are a lot of intelligent products on the market. of course, bathroom appliances are included; I believe that many family bathrooms mirrors or use ordinary bathroom mirror. So now the more popular intelligent bathroom mirror appears in everyone’s field of vision.

Many of us should not know about an intelligent bathroom mirror, today we would like to share the function, and wisdom of intelligent bathroom mirror what’s the smart mirror functions, or you can find out our social media for more details.

Smart Mirror Functions description

Smart Mirror Functions details

1. Human body sensing function can sense the arrival of people and wake up the screen automatically.

2. Intelligent recommendation video, automatically recommend news clips, entertainment, politics, military, finance, etc. according to users’ preferences and settings.

3. Multi-user management, the user preferences of multiple users can be set at the same time.

4. Personalized application. The product has the function of body scale and skin detection. Through the real-time monitoring of body weight, reasonable fitness, and weight loss suggestions are recommended.

5. According to the personal skin condition, it is recommended to use appropriate cosmetics. We can also customize personalized applications according to the needs of customers.

6 Smart home and smart home automation, the smart mirror can be used as a smart control panel, to display or control all the smart devices.

Smart mirror hardware functions

Function 1: Bluetooth connection to mobile phone / tablet

Is every busy day occupied by work, you can not timely check the news, information, always feel missed all over the world? Taking a bath is the most relaxing time after a tiring day.

When you put some news or music you like, it can’t be more wonderful. However, it is easy to get dirty and water in the bathroom when you bring your mobile phone to the bathroom.

Now don’t worry. The customized Bluetooth function of a smart bathroom mirror can help solve this problem. It can play news and listen to music when it matches with a mobile phone or flat-panel Bluetooth.

Function 2: adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light

If the color of the light changes with the mood, isn’t it great? In the cold winter, we would like to have the warm yellow light to set off the whole bathroom more warmly. In the hot summer, we also want to feel the cold color. The so-called “self-awareness of cold and warm”, in fact, the light also knows.

Function 3: remind weather change, recommend suitable wear

This is one of the basic smart mirror functions of a smart bathroom mirror. We have seen such a mirror in many hotels, which can remind us of the date, time, and temperature of the day. But in addition, the smart bathroom mirror can also remind people of the weather changes and recommend wearing them according to the weather. In southern cities, the weather often changes rapidly. It may take one second for the sun to shine and the next to pour rain. This kind of intimate function is really needed!

Function 4: light heating for 15 seconds, one button defogging

It’s inevitable to look in the mirror after a bath. But the mirror on a layer of water vapor, with a towel dry, is also fuzzy. As long as it is turned on before taking a bath, the water vapor on the mirror will be evaporated and kept dry after bathing. So you can see yourself in the mirror! Its principle is that after turning on the one-button defogging, the heating program of 15 seconds is started at the same time so that the fog can be naturally eliminated without leaving traces through the heating of lamps.


smart mirror functions can be customized

Smart Mirror customized Feature

At CES early this year, Careos, a French start-up company, launched a Poseidon smart bathroom mirror. Poseidon is a smart mirror for the home, focusing on personal hygiene, skin care, and health functions. It has a built-in careos system. It is the first health and beauty platform specially designed for health education. It integrates more than 50 kinds of Internet of things intelligent devices, products, and services.

Founded in 2001, the parent company of careos, barracuda group, and its subsidiaries are the Internet of things and related health experts, providing innovative prevention and health care platform. Poseidon is equipped with multi-touch surfaces, ambient light sensors, contactless frames that hover your fingers over glass, LEDs of different colors, etc. It also comes with a motherboard with a high pass chipset, USB, WiFi, and Ethernet, which makes it more like a computer with a mirror.

Healthy smart mirror function introduction

Encourage users to brush teeth and other health activities. When users can start brushing their teeth, the mirror will identify the toothbrush through webcam and AR technology, and open the toothbrush game, which will make it more interesting for users (especially children) to brush their teeth at the same time. The camera on the mirror will identify different users. With its own music playing function, users can enjoy music in the bathroom.

In addition, the mirror will regularly check the user’s vision, and even help the user to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to prevent myopia. As a smart mirror, it can check the weight change trend of users and give dietary suggestions, and the self-contained health education function can also guide and guide users to do health exercises.

It is worth mentioning that Poseidon is the first intelligent bathroom mirror in the world, including the appearance, material, system management interface design, and different sizes that can be customized.

There is no doubt that the mirror is no longer just an object in the bathroom, but has been redefined as a new home appliance for intelligent life.