The 2021 Smart Mirror Trending

Trending of modern mirrors.

Before we reveal the 2021 smart mirror trending, let’s look at what happens for modern mirrors.

In the past hundred years, the industrial design and driving principle of modern mirrors have not changed much. The mode of “taking mirror as a mirror to correct one’s clothes” not only emphasizes the “uniqueness” of the mirror as “grooming”, but also highlights its functional limitations to a certain extent.

smart mirror trending for 2021

The mirror of the Smart Era – Smart Mirror Trending

With the advent of the new consumption era, market demand, industry expectation, and user demand has changed. The breakthrough of technology and data has created powerful conditions for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of mirrors.

In 2017, Vercon Technology, focusing on Smart Mirror, first launched the concept of “smart magic mirror” in China. Vercon launched a series of smart magic mirrors, which successfully captured the trust of a number of customers. The concept of the smart magic mirror has also become a synonym for such products, as a new generation mirror.

smart mirror trending 2021 year

The emergence of an intelligent magic mirror perfectly solves the pain point of the traditional mirror. It also caters to the positive feedback of industry and market. Since 2018, the domestic smart mirror has entered a period of rapid growth in the bend market. According to the data released by Vercon, the number of orders in 2018 has increased by 300% compared with the previous year.

As the smart mirror is gradually recognized by the market, its penetration rate is also higher and higher, high-end hardbound rooms and smart hotels have begun to use it as the standard decoration.

In the trend of intellectualization, the intellectualization of traditional household appliances is a huge market. In fact, the smart home products we can see today can find prototypes in the original market. Such as the smart mirror. Instead of creating a concept, the mirror is intelligently transformed and upgraded to connect with other smart home products, which is also the change expected by the traditional mirror industry.

Smart Mirror Potential Market of 2021

There is a great demand for intelligent magic mirrors in the commercial field. It is gradually popularized in the field of living and home furnishing, especially in the fields of beauty, clothing collocation, health monitoring, etc. The intelligent magic mirror has realized the new upgrade of the current lifestyle.

the potential of smart mirror market 2021

Compared with the smart mirror demand of 2 billion in the global market, the smart mirror installation rate is not very attractive.

If the average price of the smart mirror is 500 dollars, the trillion level market is far from being activated. At the same time, the huge market development potential stimulates smart home brands, Internet/home appliance giants, and innovative enterprises to enter the market.

In order to cut this “cake”, Vercon, who has been committed to the intelligent mirror, has been making technological innovation and system optimization to make smart mirror not only stay in “intelligent product”, but also realize mirror + smart home full scene ecology based on clothing, food, housing, and transportation, so as to create a sharp tool for Smart Mirror in fierce competition.

Smart Mirror for IoT

Through AIOT solution, Vercon connects all mirrors in business and family life, realizes new crossover and integration with traditional home building materials, and positions intelligent magic mirror as the fourth screen of home.

Smart mirror IoT is the most attractive feature for smart life

For VERCON, as an entry-level product of a smart home, the smart magic mirror should not be a symbol of cold and lonely, but an important hub to connect people. It can help people realize interconnection through temperature and intelligent interaction.

On the one hand, starting from the user value, rather than creating “pseudo demand”. For example, in Vercon’s product line, smart bathroom mirrors, smart kitchen mirrors, smart beauty mirror,s, and smart dressing mirror are products with high frequency, which have real value for users.

The second is to start from the scene driven. Vercon’s research and development on Smart Mirror are based on two principles: whether the product serves the smart home ecosystem, and whether the product can really make users feel convenient and comfortable.

Secondly, it is necessary to let users have spiritual pleasure and pay attention to user experience.

Smart home product is also a cool play product. Vercon smart mirror has built a user experience system with mirror + as the core through hardware, software, technology, and services, which fully realizes the interaction between people and devices, and the interaction between devices so that users can have a new interactive experience.

Join the Smart Mirror Trending 2021

From a single smart mirror product to the smart home ecosystem, smart IoT is becoming more and more meaningful.

2021 will be the first year of the intelligent bathroom mirror, which will open the growth port in the next decade. 2021 will be the year of the explosion and take-off of the smart magic mirror. Let’s embrace this magic product together.

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