What does a smart mirror do

The mirror is a must in our daily lives, and have you ever heard of smart mirrors? So, what is a smart mirror? What does a smart mirror do? What are the functions of the smart mirror? Let’s introduce the knowledge about smart mirrors for you one by one, or you can visit our Instagram for details.

What does a smart mirror do – Smart Mirror History.

In May 2012, Seraku launched a smart mirror display based on the Android system at the Mobile Device Expo. The mirror display can display daily weather, weight, notes, and other information. The display has a built-in translucent mirror. It has RF The distance sensor can sense the user’s gesture operation, just like in a science fiction movie.
At the same time, the smart mirror display is also a weight measuring instrument that can display the user’s weight. Seraku said at the Mobile Device Expo that he hopes that in the future. Users can view a lot of news while taking a bath. The device is currently in the development of a prototype. The stage is just to release the concept, there is still a long way to go before mass production.

The new type of smart mirror for commercial use.

Another new type of mirror may be suitable for clothing retail stores. Tokyo design company Non-Grid has installed no less than 12 “interactive mirrors” in Japan and London. These mirrors are not mirrors in the true sense, but ultra-thin displays with high-definition cameras. If a person stands in front of the camera. His image will be displayed on the screen as if looking in a mirror.

At the Diesel store in Ginza, Tokyo, consumers can even “try on” jeans of a certain brand. When the customer stands in front of the interactive mirror. It will take photos of the customer’s front, back, and side. When a customer chooses jeans of various brands. The display will show what the customer looks like after wearing jeans of this brand. If they like the look on the screen. They can send a photo of the jeans to their email, or post it to Facebook and Twitter.

What does a smart mirror do – Smart Mirror functions

Smart Mirror is a mirror implementation platform for the latest operating system. It can be equipped with the Android system and Microsoft Windows system. It is an ordinary mirror when not in use, but if you gently call “Mirror Mirror” to the mirror, You can use him to watch TV, watch videos, watch WeChat, etc.

At present, it has begun to rise in China, and it is available on all major platforms, and the price is relatively close to the people. today What does a smart mirror do is not a question, but a demand already.

The extension of the smart mirror – Smart homes applications

What does a smart mirror do

The smart mirror belongs to the category of building materials as a mirror. The smart mirror has smart functions. Such as a skin meter, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, weight scale, sleep… So on to monitor the human health index.

The Smart Mirror Operating System can become the integration center of smart home appliances. It also can be associated with smart home appliances. When the magic mirror is awakened, it is the operating platform of your smart home.

In fact, the most important function is to do imaging reminders, leave messages for relatives and friends, etc. What’s smarter is that Magic Mirror also has very considerate schedule management and travel advice.  It helps you plan today’s work schedule, transportation routes, and other issues.

What’s even more incredible is that the style of the magic mirror can be “privately customized” according to user needs. This kind of mirror on the market can be customized with various specifications. Including bathroom mirrors, makeup mirrors, gym mirrors, and hotel smart bathroom mirrors. Mirror and so on.

With the advent of the smart home era, major manufacturers have seized the entrance of smart homes. The competition between Internet manufacturers and traditional home appliance manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. Smart door locks, smart speakers, smart air conditioners, refrigerators, and other products emerge endlessly. But as consumers Regarding the redefinition of “home” life, in addition to cold appliances. The home product with a more “temperature” of life has been expected by consumers.

The smart mirror marketing potential

The launch of smart mirror products has filled consumers’ needs in this regard. Although they are not just functional needs. They can give users a brand-new product experience and allow technology to appear in their lives all the time.

The so-called smart mirror is a smart terminal device that can run applications. It has an independent application store, supports voice recognition, gesture recognition, multi-touch, and other interactive methods. A smart mirror can provide multiple users with rich functions. When the smart mirror is awakened, it becomes an intelligent mutual assistance center. Which can be a small assistant for users in life and work. The display of a home smart mirror can usually display daily weather, hot news, traffic information, schedule, dressing index, health management, etc.  In addition to home scenes, smart mirrors can also be used in beauty salons, barbershops, bars, retail stores, and other places.


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