What is a smart mirror

What is a smart mirror
What is a smart mirror? hope we will find out the answer here.

What is A smart mirror today ?

What is a smart mirror with latest features? The latest smart mirror provides a convenient way for you to display practical information on a piece of furniture that can be combined with your decor. Our SmartMirror can be customized to display only information relevant to you.

Vercon 2020 Smart Mirror

Touch screen smart mirror allows you to choose to display any or all of the following information:
Date and Time / Local time / Road traffic information / Train travel information / City Underground State / News headlines / Google calendar.

Structure of a smart mirror:

Vercon Smart Mirror uses a 21.5-inch touch screen in an aluminum mirror component to offer value for money. This frame can look at home in any room, it can be hung vertically or horizontally and the screen will rotate.

Smart Mirror features:

1) Includes a 21.5 “display module for smart information.
2) Mini Bluetooth remote keyboard and trackpad
3) Alexa voice integration (through a single press on the remote control)
4) Hang horizontally or vertically.
5) Run Android apps like YouTube, Netflix, Espn, CNN, Amazon…
6) The integration of Google Calendar is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
7) This device requires power, it comes with a 9.8 ft. The white power cord that should be easy to hide and reach a smart mirror power.

what is a Smart Mirror with Touch screen- Displays smart information within a mirror. Alexa voice control Smart display: Google calendar, news, weather, traffic, trains, tubes. Cloud Control allows you to manage the mirror from another device Android O / S allows you to run your favorite applications.

What’s a smart mirror factory?

In the past months, hundreds of factory have to get involved in smart mirror manufacturing, and claims they have suitable smart glass products available. but is it a real smart mirror factory ? As we understanding, these metal ware factory are not capable factory, they even don’t have a dust free production line. Cause the big quality risky of producing a smart mirror

hope you have your ideas of a truly smart mirror now.