What is the smart mirror?

what is the smart mirror?

We understand the meaning of a smart or intelligent bathroom mirror from two aspects.

1. Smart bathroom mirror is a mirror based on the Android system, which is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, which combines the Android operating system with home decoration.

The main components of the mirror system are Android Tablet which provides an interface and RF proximity sensor to detect whether the user contacts the mirror. The mirror can display information without touching the mirror.

2. The mirror acts as a “one-stop” display for reading news, checking network traffic, leaving notes for family members, and tracking water use in the home. Users can browse different functions as long as they lean on their hands. This avoids touching the mirror with your fingers and contaminating it.

What is the smart mirror functions?

what-is-the smart-mirror-fucntion

1. Human body sensing function can sense the arrival of people and wake up the screen automatically.

2. Intelligent recommendation video, automatically recommend news clips, entertainment, politics, military, finance, etc. according to users’ preferences and settings.

3. Multi-user management, the user preferences of multiple users can be set at the same time.

4. Personalized application. The product has the function of body scale and skin detection. Through the real-time monitoring of body weight, reasonable fitness, and weight loss suggestions are recommended.

5. According to a personal skin condition, it is recommended to use appropriate cosmetics. We can also customize personalized applications according to the needs of customers.

What is the smart mirror advantage?

The bathroom intelligent bathroom mirror has a waterproof design, IP68 waterproof grade, and various installation methods. No matter wall mounted installation or embedded installation, it can meet your various customized requirements.

When the smart bathroom mirror is at rest, it is no different from the ordinary mirror, and it is used for dressing up; when the magic mirror is awakened, it is also an intelligent interactive platform and becomes your life housekeeper in a second. The bathroom smart mirror installed in the bathroom allows you to enjoy more intelligent bathroom time. The health management system in the smart bathroom mirror can carry out data statistics and Analysis on your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep quality, and other health indexes, and intuitively display the data to you by sending the data to the mobile phone.

An intelligent bathroom mirror can easily realize the linkage between various intelligent products, and create a smart home system. Products can be seamless docking to form a system. Such as intelligent switch, intelligent security, health planning, interactive entertainment, and other practical functions.

How to install the smart mirror?

The disassembly steps of the smart bathroom mirror are as follows:

1. take the intelligent bathroom mirror hanging on the wall first, put it on the bathroom cabinet, put foam, or other things under the bathroom mirror to avoid damage to the mirror.

2. Take a screwdriver to screw off the wire of the bathroom mirror connecting the terminal;

3. the first two steps have successfully dismantled the bathroom mirror. Next, you just need to put the bathroom mirror in a foam carton, so that even if the disassembly is finished.

What is the Smart Mirrors factory?

what is the vercon smart mirror

Vercon smart mirror, as a leading supplier and manufacturer of the smart bathroom mirror in China, was established in 2018. It has 6 dust-free workshops, with an annual output of more than 20000 units, and a leading domestic technical team.


At present, Vercon smart mirror includes an LED smart mirror, a workout mirror, a smart hallway mirror, and smart makeup mirror. Relying on the strong and perfect industrial chain advantages, vercon constantly improves product quality, develops product models, promotes industrial chain upgrading and optimization, and strives to become a world-class smart mirror supplier and manufacturer.


Since its establishment, the company has reached a strategic partnership with many first-class enterprises at home and abroad and has been unanimously praised by the majority of customers.


The future world must be a world of intelligent touch, and Vercon will continue to grow as a leading enterprise in this era.

what is the smart mirror technical data:
  1. size: 23.6”x31.5×0.78″ / 60x80x2cm
  2. Main Frequency: Quad-Core 1.8Hz
  3. CPU: Rockchip 3288
  4. Touch screen size:21.5” IPS
  5. Resolution:1920 x RGB x 1080
  6. Memory: 2 + 16G
  7. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth:  2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  8. Power input: 110 ~240V, 50/60Hz
  9. System: Android 5.1 +
What’s the Smart mirror’s future vision?

Looking in the mirror is no longer an ordinary thing in life. If the mirror in real life is like the mirror with magic in fairy tales, it will be an interesting thing. Recently, in the smart bathroom mirror scheme provided by what is the smart mirror,  this intelligent mirror which can detect health is really like the magic mirror in fairy tales, which can show you your health status when you look in the mirror.

It is reported that the reason why this kind of intelligent bathroom mirror health smart mirror was born is to detect common chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as soon as possible. So that more patients can find and know early.

When the intelligent bathroom mirror scanning measurement is completed, the scanner will automatically transfer the data to the supporting app (both Android and IOS versions), so you can easily get all the details and save them. The more information you record, the more objective you will know about your physical condition. Whether it is the weight loss or the muscle added, there will be corresponding information displayed.

Through the measurement of the above data, through the comprehensive analysis of the app, we can know the physical condition at this time and give the corresponding score to tell the body at what stage. This intelligent bathroom mirror puts forward the corresponding suggestions to improve the health of users after data analysis, will this help you understand what is the smart mirror?

Today’s intelligent system is not only applied to mobile phones and tablet computers, more and more intelligent products close to life are emerging. Smart TV, smartwatch, and smart bathroom mirror appear again today, which is the embodiment of people-oriented technology. It is meant to integrate science and technology into life. Because we look in the mirror every day, it is very reasonable to integrate the health detection function into the mirror. I believe that one day, the mirror in the future will become intelligent. We can not only understand our physical condition in the mirror but also do more things with this kind of intelligent bathroom mirror.