Why smart mirrors?

Why smart mirrors?

why smart mirror

Why a smart mirror? why I need a smart mirror, why the smart mirror is trending, why smart mirror will replace the traditional led mirrors.

Many customers asked the same question, what’s the difference advantage of your smart mirror, why we need your smart mirrors, why has to be touch screen smart mirrors… why we have to spend few hundreds more to buy a smart mirror, which I suppose to pay one hundred dollars mirror.

A smart mirror, also known as a magic mirror, displays the time, weather, calendar, news, and social media updates. that’s the explanation from google
Vercon Smart mirror, powered by Android and combined touch screen and smart device, not just display the time, weather, calendar or news, social media updates, but also allows you to communicate with your smart mirror.

Vercon Smart Mirror – this is more than a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is an intelligent mirror, a networked mirror, optionally an illuminated mirror. A magic mirror. A mirror with sound. A mirror that doesn’t just reflect you and the room you are in. He shows you in the best light. He lets you hear what you want to hear. And he’ll give you all the information you need for the day so you’re ready for anything. There is no better way to start the day in the morning. There is no better way to end it in the evening.

Smart Mirror – this is the networked mirror that gives you access to your appointments, all important news, the weather, and traffic news. So you don’t even get in a rush. And if you want to know whether the stars are with you, you can of course receive your horoscope via Smart Mirror. Unless you turn this feature off. It’s up to you.

Smart Mirror is a growing system. It always offers you new apps. A growing range of services that make you a little smarter every day. And best of all: As a registered user, you will automatically be informed about every new app.

Smart Mirror plays the program you love via the integrated web radio. Up to four customizable user profiles are available to you. You can also control your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the playlist of your choice. Whatever you do, music is in the air with Smart Mirror. Without a visible speaker.

Smart Mirror is also available in versions with high-quality LEDs. With these models, you can adjust the brightness in five steps and choose the color temperature freely. Simply by touch. Depending on the occasion, it matches your outfit or simply your mood. Whether you’re dressing up for the big event or styling yourself for a business meeting – Smart Mirror shows you how you look in different lighting moods.

With Smart Mirror you are never left in a haze. No matter how long you shower. You always enjoy a clear view. Because the heated mirror surface with its permanent anti-fog function makes the steam. It works automatically as soon as you switch on the mirror.

Don’t want to see the display all the time? No problem. Smart Mirror is available as a crystal-clear mirror with a visible display and as a slightly tinted Magic Mirror. The display with all functions and information only appears when you switch on the mirror. And it disappears again when you turn it off. Simply smart, real magic.

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Vercon S30 smart mirror
The smart mirror is the next trending of home mirrors